Ministry of Industry and Information Technology exposed Reno Ace2 appearance real hammer Oreo four shots, digging screen

Recently, Reno Ace2, which has received much attention, has appeared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The actual Oreo design previously exposed by the hammer. The photos exposed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also reveal more information.

According to the documents issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Reno Ace2 uses the mainstream Oreo design. The flash is independently placed next to it, and the rear is a four-camera combination. However, the information of the main exposure IMX586 was not yet determined.

The front of the machine has also been exposed. Reno Ace2 uses a digging screen design. The digging area is located at the upper left corner of the screen, which greatly reduces the impact on the operation and further improves the gaming experience. Considering battery life and 90Hz content ecology, Reno Ace2 is likely to continue to use a screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz, which can take into account battery life and visual experience, which is also a great advantage of Reno Ace2.

OPPO Shen Yiren previously revealed on Weibo that Reno Ace2 will be released in April, and said that the weight of the new machine is very friendly to the little finger. Combined with other breaking news, Reno Ace2 may be around 190g, which can bring a better gripping experience.

In terms of charging, although OPPO will just expose 40W wireless charging technology for commercial use this year, it is very likely that Reno Ace2 will not be equipped with wireless charging. However, OPPO's 65W Super Flash Charge has the obvious advantages as the fastest commercial charging solution at present, and can bring a super fast charging experience.

In terms of performance, Reno Ace2 is likely to still focus on high-performance positioning, so it should use the mainstream Snapdragon 865 flagship processor and support dual-mode 5G. The strong performance can easily meet the needs of mainstream large-scale games, even for high-frame-rate games. Can get good performance support.

It is worth mentioning that after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the photo of Reno Ace2, the OPPO product manager sent a Weibo to suggest that the real photo of Reno Ace2 is better than the photo of the photo. There is still a certain gap between the photo of the photo and the real device. In the appearance part, we can With greater expectations, more relevant information can follow our follow-up reports.