Ministry of Transport: In principle, the medium and high risk areas should suspend taxi, online car-hailing and other businesses

In response to the situation where the new crown pneumonia epidemic in my country is sporadic and locally clustered, the Ministry of Transport has recently issued the "Emergency Notice on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Transportation Epidemics in High-risk Areas" (Transport Mingdian [ 2021] No. 15) (referred to as the "Notice"), requires local transportation departments, especially those in medium- and high-risk areas, to pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control situation, effectively strengthen prevention and control measures, and strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic through transportation links.

The "Notice" requires that the control of passenger transportation in and out of medium and high-risk areas must be strengthened. In principle, all localities should suspend inter-provincial and inter-city road passenger transport and inter-city public transportation in and out of the county-level administrative area where the medium- and high-risk areas are located. Passenger lines passing through the county-level administrative area where the medium-high-risk area is located must strictly implement "point-to-point" transportation, and passengers are not allowed to pick up and drop off passengers in the county-level administrative area where the medium-high-risk area is located. It is necessary to strictly manage the filing management of inter-provincial and inter-city chartered vehicles, and suspend the acceptance of the filing business of chartered vehicles starting from, ending in, or stopping midway in the county-level administrative regions where the high-risk areas are located. In principle, cities with medium- and high-risk areas should suspend the cross-city business of taxis (including online ride-hailing, the same below), ride-hailing services, and intra-city carpooling. Where the local leading agency for epidemic prevention and control decides to expand the scope of the suspension according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, it shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant local deployment. If the service is suspended due to the epidemic, it is necessary to instruct passenger transport operators to provide free refund services for relevant passengers. Where urban public transportation and taxi operations are suspended locally, the travel needs of key groups such as medical personnel must be guaranteed, and transportation services such as emergency supplies for epidemic prevention and the people's daily necessities must be guaranteed.

The "Notice" emphasizes the need to further strengthen normalized epidemic prevention and control. All localities should urge passenger transport operators to further strictly implement the frequency of disinfection and ventilation of passenger terminals and transportation vehicles in accordance with the requirements of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism on Winter and Spring Epidemic Prevention and Control and the latest version of the prevention and control guidelines, and strictly implement passenger temperature measurement and health inspections Code, protection and health monitoring of practitioners, passenger wearing masks and handover of feverish persons, etc., combined with the unified deployment of epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival transport, improve the transportation epidemic prevention and control standards, and resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic through transportation. It is necessary to supervise and guide passenger transport operators to implement real-name management in accordance with regulations, and actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out flow adjustment work. It is necessary to do a good job of publicity, guide the people to reduce unnecessary trips, and reduce the risks on the road. Supervise and guide passenger transport operators to establish and improve services such as health code handling by relatives and friends, and staff checking on behalf of the staff. The health code must not be used as the only pass for personnel.

The "Notice" clearly stated that transportation services should be resumed in due course. After the medium-high-risk areas are reduced to low-risk areas, local transportation departments must resume transportation services in a stable and orderly manner, and promptly announce to the public. Before resuming operations, it is necessary to supervise passenger transport operators to do a good job of safety management such as driver training and vehicle maintenance, guide the improvement of epidemic prevention and control measures, and ensure operational safety.