Mi's cross-screen collaboration interface exposed: support for multiple windows, drag and drop files

In the tenth anniversary speech some time ago, Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Mi Xiang function, which supports cross-screen collaboration between mobile phones and laptops. Now the operation interface of cross-screen collaboration has been exposed.

According to digital blogger @数码闲聊站, Xiaomi’s cross-screen collaboration can be connected by scanning the code. After the connection is successful, the phone screen will be displayed on the computer. You can directly operate the phone on the computer side, or drag pictures and files to the computer. The time delay measured by the whistleblower was about 80ms.

Cross-screen collaboration also supports multiple windows to open multiple mobile pages on the computer side at the same time; the mobile phone’s Do Not Disturb feature can mute the notifications on the mobile phone during the connection to the computer. According to Xiaomi’s official introduction, cross-screen collaboration also supports the use of computer software to open mobile phone files and edit content.

It is reported that Xiaomi’s cross-screen collaboration has begun internal testing, and the stable version of the system is expected to be launched in October.

At present, many mobile phone manufacturers have launched multi-platform linkage solutions, such as Huawei’s multi-screen collaboration, vivo’s mutual transmission function, etc., to bring more convenience to consumers.