Miss Samsung, Huawei Mate X2 or BOE folding screen

On the morning of February 3, Huawei officially announced that the new generation of folding screen flagship Huawei MateX2 will be released on February 22, which caused heated discussions. Judging from the official warm-up posters, Huawei MateX2 will adopt an in-folding folding scheme, and many broke the news that this folding screen will be supplied by Samsung and BOE.

However, according to Ross Young, the founder of DSCC, a screen analysis agency, the folding screen of Huawei MateX2 will be supplied by BOE, but Samsung does have it during the development stage. The specific reason is not yet known. It may be factors such as cost, supply, or implementation effects. Anyway, only BOE supplies it now.

However, it was previously reported that this time Huawei MateX2 will be upgraded in screen material and hinge technology, which may solve the problem of scratch resistance of the previous generation of BOE screens.

In terms of screen, Huawei MateX2 will use an 8.01-inch internal folding main screen with a resolution of 2480×2200. The external secondary screen is 6.45 inches with a resolution of 2700×1160. In terms of configuration, Huawei MateX2 will be equipped with a 5nm Kirin 9000 chip.

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In other respects, Huawei MateX2 may optimize the interactive experience of folding screens, which should bring many new features.