MIUI11 development version last updated, MIUI12 is here?

On March 23, the Xiaomi community released a notice that this week is the last week of the development version of MIUI 11, and it will stop updating for a period of time from next week. The implication is to wait for MIUI 12 to go online before continuing the development of MIUI12, so MIUI12 should be released soon.

However, MIUI11 is a new version launched in September last year. It is only half a year ago, and it is relatively fast for large version updates. However, students who are familiar with Xiaomi know that the update cycle of the MIUI version is often not fixed. Previously, the upgrade cycle of MIUI9 to MIUI10 was only half a year.

The MIUI system has always been Xiaomi's core competitiveness. The 11 versions of MIUI have come to this day. After continuous adjustments in small and large details, they have become more and more perfect. In the Xiaomi community, the staff has already established the MIUI12 topic and collected the expectations of the majority of netizens for MIUI12. Many of them have been proposed by the staff. I hope to see these functions in MIUI12.

Tomorrow is the launch conference of the Redmi K30 Pro. However, the chance of seeing the MIUI12 system tomorrow is not great, but I believe there will be an official news soon. Interested students can pay attention.