MIUI12 officially released: system animation challenges the world's strongest iOS

On April 27, 2020, Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition 5G new product and MIUI12 mobile phone operating system. The new generation operating system MIUI12 takes “touching imagination, feeling the reality” as the core design concept of the product, and has made comprehensive innovations in many aspects such as system animation, aesthetic design, security and privacy, and intimate functions. In the past ten years, MIUI has undergone 11 iterations and upgrades, and it has updated as many as 113 industry-first innovative designs, which have a profound impact on the development of mobile phone systems. It is the undisputed leader in the Android system. The release of MIUI12 not only reflects the new height of the aesthetic design of the mobile phone system, but also demonstrates the determination of the MIUI design team to never compromise on user experience. After nearly 7 months of polishing, MIUI12 has provided a dream for ten years to 310 million rice noodles.

Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, gave high recognition. “MIUI is Xiaomi’s first product, and a decade of rapid running is inseparable from the support of every enthusiast.” Lei Jun said, “MIUI12 is the pinnacle of Xiaomi’s work, and it is in the Android field in terms of design concepts and privacy protection. ‘S front runner. ”

Following the pixel, quasi-objective, and flat design styles, MIUI has once again refreshed the industry’s cognition, and officially brought synesthesia visual design to the industry. This time, MIUI is comparable to iOS in both system animation and aesthetic design. A lot of optimization work has been done on the bottom layer of the system based on the new rice pomelo light cone dynamic effect architecture. Aesthetic design and fresh visual design run through the entire system. The overall visualization effect and fluency have been comparable to iOS, and even surpassed the world’s leading iOS in some designs.

After more than 200 days of exploration and polishing, MIUI12 has brought a new dynamic effect system and synesthesia visual design, which implements the beautiful concept of feeling real and touching imagination. The newly launched super wallpaper breaks through the limitation of space on imagination and has become the top aesthetic and dynamic choice in today’s world. In terms of privacy, MIUI12 provides three major functional modules: flares, interceptors, and hidden masks, and is dedicated to the full protection of users’ personal privacy data.

On the day of the press conference, Xiaomi opened an internal test registration application and officially launched the internal test of the new MIUI12 system. The first batch supports Xiaomi 10 Pro, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G, Xiaomi 9 exclusive transparent version, Xiaomi 9, Redmi K30 Pro series, Redmi K30 series, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K20 and other models to upgrade. At the end of June, there will be more than 40 Xiaomi models ushering in the push and upgrade of the stable version of MIUI12.

MIUI12 feels the real design strength and aesthetics in a full duel iOS

MIUI12 uses the latest rice pomelo light cone architecture and rewrites the underlying architecture of the system. The overall animation effect is refreshed, and the core scene animation is comparable to iOS. Synesthesia visualization is an efficient visual design brought by MIUI12, with vivid animation effects running through the entire system UI, full of vital animation details everywhere.

MIUI12 system animation improves the system experience comprehensively through self-developed rendering engine, animation engine, illustration engine and many other innovative technologies. The new system restores the real light and shadow through advanced color mixing and control level real-time blur processing; relying on the physics engine, the system icons can present elegant spatial motion; relying on the dynamic form technology, it brings a perfect horizontal and vertical screen animation effect.

Following the pixel, quasi-objective, and flat design styles, MIUI12 has led a new design style—sensory visual design. Compared with MIUI11, the new system UI design is completely new. MIUI12 realizes efficient human-computer interaction across languages and cultures through many new design styles such as data visualization, information visualization, and status visualization.

The new MIUI12 has revolutionized innovation in design and aesthetics. From the user’s first point of view, throughout the main line of system design, it brings users the real feeling of being in it, creating a more impactful new experience in the Android field, which is comparable to iOS in all aspects.

MIUI12 touch imagination The world’s top aesthetic and dynamic choices other than iOS

The climax of the MIUI part of the entire press conference came from the super wallpaper. Xiaomi MIUI is the world’s first mobile phone system brand that realizes the perfect connection of the screen, lock screen and system desktop. Take the two planets of Mars and Earth to the user’s fingertips in MIUI12, and experience the magical journey through space between the square inches.

MIUI12 started the exploration of human homes, broke through the limitation of space on imagination, and truly reproduced the features of planetary landforms. The super wallpaper contains three parts: the breathing screen, the lock screen and the desktop wallpaper, which maximizes the space aesthetics and realizes a coherent and unimaginable unlocking experience. Desktop wallpaper can choose the place of landing, such as the Mars Nirosettis platform, Marvos Valley crater, Hale crater central mountain range; Croatian Mediterranean Nature Reserve on Earth, Guilin Longji terraces in Guangxi, China, Greenland Ilulissat Iceberg and other representative real landforms provide users with an experience beyond imagination.

Super wallpapers are rendered in real-time using a game-level engine, data is collected from NASA officials, and the planetary landforms are accurately restored with high precision. Each unlock is a new and wonderful journey. Super wallpapers change with time, and through real-time rendering, realize the real feeling of alternating day.

Super wallpaper is a brand-new concept proposed by the entire mobile phone smart operating system industry, breaking through the limitations of space on imagination, and maximizing the aesthetics of space. Jin Fan, general manager of the Internet Department I and general manager of MIUI experience, said: “Xiaomi MIUI12 is another choice for the world’s top aesthetics and dynamics besides iOS.”

Flare + interceptor + hidden mask MIUI12 protects user privacy in all directions

Xiaomi MIUI has always been committed to user information security and privacy protection, and has always been in the leading position in the Android field. As early as 2013, MIUI supported the run-time rights management function, leading the Android native system for nearly three years, which is also the cornerstone of Android user privacy protection. The new MIUI12 defends user data rights with the industry’s most stringent privacy standards through the functional design of the three modules of flares, interceptors and hidden masks, which is comparable to the world’s leading iOS.

In the MIUI12 flares function module, all sensitive behaviors of all APPs are faithfully recorded by the mobile phone system and presented to users. When the capabilities of sensitive systems are used, users are clearly reminded that small actions of applications that were previously undetectable are now clear. Users can have complete right to know the application behavior in the device.

The interception network is another new privacy function module of MIUI12, which is different from the passive defense in general consciousness. The interception network gives users more choices and decision rights on App permissions. After opening, all high-risk behaviors of applications will be directly prohibited. When an application is found to have unauthorized access to private data, the authorization of relevant permissions can be turned off as soon as possible to protect the security of private data. In addition, when users are sharing photos, they can also choose to erase sensitive information such as the shooting location to share their lives but not their privacy.

For the stubborn Android disease that does not allow permission, the new MIUI12 system also provides users with a hidden mask function. After the user actively opens, he can provide blank information to rogue applications to strengthen the initiative of privacy data control. Five permissions such as contacts, calendar, and call records support the setting of a “blank pass”, which not only solves the problem of necessary permission authorization, but also protects the user’s private data information.

Xiaomi has always been the industry leader in information security and privacy protection. At present, MIUI has obtained privacy protection certifications from many authoritative organizations including China, Europe, and the United States. At the same time, MIUI12 is also the world’s first mobile phone system that passed TÜV Rheinland’s “Android System Enhanced Privacy Protection Test”. Now, in terms of user privacy protection capabilities and strict standards, Xiaomi MIUI is indistinguishable from the world’s leading Apple iOS.

MIUI global free window function upgrade to create an optimal solution for multitasking

The newly created global free window function of MIUI12 makes mobile phone multitasking more convenient and efficient.

When you receive an instant messaging software notification on any interface, you can easily open a small window and quickly reply by pulling down the notification. Push up the small window to exit, pull down the small window to enter the full screen state, and the new small window interactive gestures make the use of the small window easier and more convenient. In addition, when looking at the circle of friends, public account and applet, you can also pull down the notification to enter the small window, which solves the problem of replying to the message but interrupting reading.

For later processing and application hanging scenes, MIUI12 introduced a “mini window” function, you can hang the application to be used in the corner of the screen, leaving most of the display space to the application being used. The mini-window is also combined with full-screen gestures. Use the slide-up gesture to slide the current application up to the upper right corner of the screen and hang. Scenarios such as game upgrades and waiting for taxis suspend the application in one step, doubling the convenience.

In addition, this small window upgrade also brings an active call out method, enter the most recent task, click “small window application” to quickly start the small window. The new small window interactive gestures and the new concept of “mini window” fully upgrade the global free window function to perfectly solve the multi-tasking problem of mobile phones.

AI call + Xiaomi Health fully empowers MIUI12

MIUI12 has also made many upgrades in terms of system functions, including AI call and Xiaomi Health.

MIUI released the closed beta AI phone assistant last year, which helped the audiophiles answer 4 million calls for half a year. It is newly upgraded to AI call in MIUI12, supports custom opening language, and is more playable. In addition, MIUI can also help people with hearing impairments to answer and make calls, so that they can better communicate with the world, so that the transmission of information is no longer obstacles.

MIUI12 adds Xiaomi health function. Xiaomi Health can conveniently record and track the user’s health status, such as exercise tracking, sleep monitoring, weight tracking, menstrual assistant and standing reminder, etc., users can easily get health assessment suggestions. At the same time, based on Xiaomi’s deep learning inference framework MACE Micro, Xiaomi has developed an offline AI motion behavior perception algorithm “spirit string”. Users can experience high-precision and low-power automatic motion tracking services on mobile phones. Electricity is less than 1%.

In addition to the two major functions of AI calling and Xiaomi Health, MIUI12 also brings many new functions. For example, a new control center, dark mode 2.0 suitable for almost all applications, better use of fun notes, a more efficient and convenient calendar, a more intimate and intelligent travel, a minimalist mode newly designed for elders, etc. The new MIUI12 system makes the user’s life more convenient and exciting, and is the user’s first choice for pursuing a high-quality life.

Conscience remains! The new MIUI12 system supports the upgrade of over 40 models

In terms of the number of model upgrades and the speed of adaptation, MIUI has always been the conscience of the industry. With the end of the press conference, MIUI12 internal testing also opened simultaneously. MIUI still adheres to the principle of upgrading as many models as possible, so that more people can experience the fun brought by technology.

According to this press conference, the stable version of MIUI12 will also be pushed and upgraded at the end of June. As a result, Xiaomi 10 Pro, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition, Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G, Xiaomi 9 exclusive transparent version, Xiaomi 9, Redmi K30 Pro zoom version, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi K30 5G, Redmi K30, Redmi K20 Pro Premier Edition, Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi K20, a total of 13 models can be upgraded to the latest MIUI12 stable version. In the follow-up upgrade plan, the second batch of upgraded supported models specifically include: Xiaomi MIX 3, Xiaomi MIX 2S, Xiaomi CC 9 Pro, Xiaomi CC 9, Xiaomi CC 9 Mito customized version, Xiaomi 9 SE, Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version, Xiaomi 8 Transparent Discovery Edition, Xiaomi 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note7 Pro, Redmi Note7. The third batch of upgraded models include: Mi CC 9e, Mi Note 3, Mi MAX 3, Mi 8 Youth Edition, Mi 8 SE, Mi MIX2, Mi 6X, Redmi Note 8, Redmi 8, Redmi 8A, Redmi 7, Redmi 7A, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 6, Redmi 6A, Redmi Note5, Redmi S2. The specific upgrade plan can follow MIUI official information or go to MIUI official website to know.

The system is the soul of the mobile phone, and the MIUI12 system is full of vital details. The new MIUI12 system has achieved a disruptive leap in animation, visual design of synesthesia, security and privacy. According to industry insiders, MIUI12 is worthy of its ten-year dream and once again became the industry benchmark in the field of Android. As a leader, MIUI12 is comparable to iOS in core scene animation, security and privacy for the first time. The new MIUI12 system will bring the ultimate experience beyond imagination to 310 million Xiaomi users, so that everyone in the world can enjoy the fun brought by technology.