Mobile phone manufacturers make notebooks? Honor quickly went out of business, where is the gene?

Two years ago, Honor entered the PC field. For Honor, this is a brand new field. Although Honor has a deep accumulation in mobile phones, the PC field is different from the mobile phone industry after all. From the hardware to the operating system, it is a new challenge. In this PC field where even many traditional brands haven’t played sparks, can Honor spark waves? This has become the focus of many people’s attention.

Honor’s entry into the PC field can be described as a success, quickly out of the circle, won multiple sales champions, Honor PC broke the industry’s doubts with actual results. While Honor PC has achieved these achievements, of course, it is indispensable to excellent products and consumers. What is the gene of the Honor PC’s rapid development? What are the areas of concern for the PC industry?

Passive transplantation? Or is it the same integration?

Mobile phones and PCs, both of which are inseparable from people’s daily lives, the two seem to be very close, but in essence there are huge differences, it is difficult to directly apply the experience and thinking accumulated in mobile phones To the PC, these make the Honor PC’s start seemingly simple, but full of challenges.

How to convert the long-term technical accumulation of mobile phones into PC advantages? Finding the answer is very important for Honor, because it can open a shortcut for Honor PC and avoid many detours. The switch between mobile phones and PCs is actually an insight into the needs of these two different groups of people. How to integrate common needs instead of passive transplantation, so that Honor can take full advantage of it.

By integrating the mobile phone and the PC in the same line, instead of passively transplanting the theory of the mobile phone to the PC, this will help the leap of Honor PC and give users a more reasonable and perfect experience. Honor PC Many of the details on the mobile phone can reflect the integration of the mobile phone and the PC.

The screen is the focus of vision, extending from the mobile phone to the ideal screen on the PC

As a window of human-computer interaction, the screen has a very direct impact on the user experience. In order to enhance the user’s visual experience, Honor phones have made a lot of efforts on the screen, including the ultra-high screen ratio brought by the narrow bezel design, excellent screen quality, and real and natural picture restoration effects. , Honor integrated these into the PC in a clever way.

Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 is a product that pays much attention to the screen experience. The 16.1-inch large screen used opens a new track for light and thin books, bringing different visual effects to users. Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 uses a very narrow screen border design. In order to reduce the width of the upper border as much as possible, even hiding the camera on the keyboard, so that the thin and light can also have a wide field of vision, creating an ideal screen, bringing the same as the mobile phone The ultimate visual experience. Thanks to the ultra-high screen ratio, the Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 was also able to cram 16.1 inches into the 15.6-inch body to ensure portability.

Multi-screen collaboration adds points to the ideal screen, doubling productivity and upgrading the ideal experience

How to make good use of this ideal screen is another story. Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 does not simply stop at the pure screen visual effect, and gives more meaning to this screen by adding multi-screen collaboration function. Multi-screen collaboration is another breakthrough of Honor MagicBook Pro 2020, which makes this ideal screen have an ideal experience beyond imagination.

The introduction of the multi-screen collaboration function simplifies the interaction between the mobile phone and the PC, and is the embodiment of the integration of the mobile phone and the PC. Through the multi-screen collaboration function, the barriers between different platforms can be broken, and seamless interaction between different systems of mobile phones and PCs is possible, which is also a pioneering new function.

Through the multi-screen collaboration function, you can transfer pictures, videos, and Microsoft office documents at the touch of a touch. The multi-screen collaboration function simplifies the steps of data transmission between the mobile phone and the PC. When transferring files, you can avoid the cumbersome steps of finding data cables everywhere and connecting data cables.

The newly released Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 can operate the mobile phone directly on the computer through the multi-screen collaboration function, process the information on the mobile phone on the computer, support direct phone calls on the PC, etc., and even directly realize the file by dragging and dropping Transmission, as if the mobile phone and the PC are seamlessly connected, breaking the barriers between the systems. Multi-screen collaboration can not only bring a subversive experience to consumers, but also greatly improve productivity. Make the best use of this ideal screen, making Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 a productivity tool, and the comprehensive experience will go to the next level.

Differential innovation to achieve more advantages

The Honor PC has the genes of “pioneer, high energy, and technology” in its bones, which keeps Honor PC’s continuous innovation ability, and innovates in many details to give users a better experience. The innovations mentioned above are only a small part. If you pay attention to Honor PC, you will easily find the innovations of Honor PC, such as the two-in-one fingerprint recognition power button, the innovative efficient charging and portable charger, etc. These are the differentiated advantages that Honor PC has.

The innovations on the Honor PC can bring a direct experience improvement to the user. Looking at the achievements and efforts made by Honor PC, Honor PC does not simply transplant the mobile phone set to the PC, and It is the choice of rational optimization and innovation, which is both a succession and a perfect integration. You can find a lot of mobile phone genes on Honor PC, and you will also find that this combination of mobile phone and PC is just right.

Successfully break the circle, lead the way, the grand blueprint gradually clears

The current lack of innovation in the thin and light market is actually more difficult to stimulate users’ desire to switch. This state will also affect the sales of thin and light books and intensify market competition. Honor MagicBook Pro 2020 has injected new vitality into the thin and light market. The innovation and differentiation it has insisted on have opened up a new direction in the thin and light market. Honor PC has already enjoyed the dividends brought by this advantage.

Honor PC is also an important part of Honor’s smart full-scenario ecological strategy. Various smart hardware in the smart full-scenario ecosystem will also form a strong support for the development of Honor PC, forming a more complete ecological environment, allowing users Depends on this ecosystem.

The innovations made by Honor PC are all around the user’s core experience to solve the user’s pain points. This is also the great charm of Honor PC, which is more likely to attract consumers, and consumers are easy to pay for this excellent experience. After the Honor PC successfully opens the thin and light market, the next step is whether to plan to launch a high-voice game book, and how to strengthen the role of the intelligent full scene ecology, these are worthy of our expectations.