More economical! BYD is about to launch the DM-i platform

In 2008, DM1.0 dual-mode technology came out. The world's first BYD hybrid technology model goes into mass production. In 2013, Biya started the "542" strategy and released the DM2.0 dual-mode technology. In 2018, BYD released DM3.0 technology, while plug-in hybrid models exceeded 350,000. Ranked first in the world.

A few days ago, Li Yunfei, deputy general manager of BYD Auto Sales Company, said on a social networking site that BYD will add DM-i platform models to the existing DM 3.0 plug-in hybrid. It is reported that the new platform will be more fuel economy and NVH, and officially announced in April.

At present, BYD plug-in hybrid models use the DM 3.0 system, and the representative model is our well-known BYD Tang DM.

Li Yunfei said that everyone's perception of BYD DM is "542 high performance" (0-100km / h acceleration time is less than 5 seconds, full-time four-wheel drive, and comprehensive fuel consumption is less than 2L / 100km). Based on this architecture, BYD also Will be pushed to the economical DM-i platform.

It is reported that the new DM-i platform can achieve fuel consumption below 5L / 100km without charging (the current Tang DM fuel consumption is 8.4L / 100km, which is equivalent to a 59% reduction), and the NVH in the car is increased to meet the needs of more consumers. demand.

In addition, the existing DM models will also be retained and continue to satisfy consumers who seek high performance.