More "full blood" network, Galaxy S21 debuts Qualcomm's latest 5G antenna

Samsung released the Galaxy S21 series products some time ago, and then someone released a disassembly video. The content shows that in addition to the Snapdragon 888, the Galaxy S21 also uses Qualcomm’s latest QTM535 antenna module, which can be said to be a more “full blood” 888 product in terms of network.

Qualcomm released QTM535 in February last year, which is smaller than QTM525 and has better performance. Therefore, the new antenna module requires a smaller internal space in the fuselage, which can make the internal design of the fuselage more convenient, and can help achieve a thinner and lighter body.

QTM535 is also better compatible with global frequency bands, which is very suitable for products such as Galaxy S21 for multiple markets.

Samsung Galaxy S21 has also re-adjusted the inside of the fuselage, plugged two millimeter wave antennas, so its signal transmission and reception capabilities should be stronger than S20.

In addition, according to Samsung’s official press release, Galaxy S21 also uses a brand-new Wi-Fi and fingerprint recognition module. For example, the Broadcom chipset is used to support Wi-Fi 6E. And the use of Qualcomm’s second-generation ultrasonic screen fingerprint recognition has increased the recognition area by 77% and the speed has also increased by 50%.