MSI released a new E-sports display, supporting 165hz high refresh rate

Recently, MICROSTAR launched its new curved surface video game display product Optix mag272c, which adopts 1500r curved surface design, 1080p resolution and supports 165hz high refresh rate. At present, MSI has not released the price information and launch date of this display, which is expected to be officially launched around the end of August.

It is understood that this micro star Optix mag272c video game display uses VA panel, 27 inch size, three narrow frame design, excellent visual effect. It supports 165hz refresh rate and 1ms fast response time. At the same time, it also supports AMD freesync premium variable refresh rate software, which can effectively reduce the game screen frame dropping and jamming, and improve the picture fluency. In addition, the screen also supports 120% SRG B ultra high gamut coverage and 90% dci-p3 gamut coverage, with high color accuracy.

In terms of fuselage shape, the MICROSTAR Optix mag272c retains the appearance design of MICROSTAR which is always rich in electronic competition elements. The ergonomic base supports the height and multi angle flexible adjustment. In terms of connectivity, Optix mag272c provides a DisplayPort interface, two HDMI 2.0 interfaces and a type-C interface for video data transmission and device charging.

It is worth noting that the MICROSTAR Optix mag272c is also equipped with a USB hub, which can provide two additional interfaces to the back of the monitor, enriching the extended connectivity of the body. Not long ago, MSI has launched a low positioning Optix G241 display, which is 23.8 inches and supports 75Hz refresh rate. The price is 190 US dollars (about 1300 yuan (USD $186) ). It is speculated that the price of this higher positioning MICROSTAR Optix mag272c may reach 3000 yuan (USD $429) . Interested friends can pay attention to it.