Musk: Push the beta version of fully automated driving to some car owners from next Tuesday

According to reports, after a complete rewrite of the software code for Autopilot and the upcoming FSD function, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that the company will Starting Tuesday (October 20), a closed beta test of the system will be conducted.

But this does not mean that car owners will receive the push of the new system next Tuesday. Musk said that only a small number of car owners will receive the upgrade push. Musk said on Twitter: "This feature will initially only be provided to a small number of people, they are all experts or very careful drivers."

For a long time in the past, Tesla has always promised to release FSD, but the official release date of this feature has been delayed again and again. Not long ago, Tesla stated that they had almost completely rewritten the software stack.

In April of this year, Musk announced that Tesla will realize the autonomous driving function by the end of 2020, and will provide the service to car owners through subscription. Musk also pointed out that their system can transport car owners from home to work most of the time without manual intervention.

Tesla also hopes to achieve its self-driving taxi fleet goals, and ensuring that FSD can fully function is the prerequisite for realizing self-driving taxi services. Tesla has previously stated that it hopes to make autonomous taxis on the road in some markets next year.

Tesla did not disclose how long the beta version of the FSD will be tested before it is officially released to all car owners, and a company spokesperson did not comment on this. Autonomous driving is a technology that is difficult to achieve. Even if Tesla's FSD has been tested, it will take a long time to fine-tune before it can be officially deployed in vehicles.