Musk released a preview video saying Tesla will speak “soon”

According to foreign media reports, Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, posted a quick preview video in his tweet, claiming that Tesla Motors will soon speak.

Obviously, Tesla cars will not only talk to people inside the car, but also to people outside the car.


It’s no secret that Tesla wants to use AI more in its business.

Two years ago, Tesla hired Andrej karpath to lead its computer vision and artificial intelligence team. Since then, they have been expanding their team.

Tesla’s main use for AI is clearly to develop autonomous driving, but the automaker has also been expanding it to other areas.

For example, it has developed a neural network for weather detection.

Tesla chief executive Jack musk has also been pushing for better voice command to control Tesla. In the end, he even said, the vehicles will be able to speak and answer questions, just like the kit model in the “Thunderbolt Ranger” movie.

The comment was made by him some time ago. But now, it’s clearly still in Musk’s plan:

&”Tesla will talk to people soon if you like. It’s true. ”

Musk tweeted a statement along with a short video to give people a glimpse of Tesla’s new features.

In the video, you can hear a Tesla Model’s 3 saying “don’t just stand there and watch me, get on the car”, followed by another less audible audio.

Last year, Tesla changed the bottom of the front end of the model 3 to a speaker grille.

The move is to add a pedestrian warning system to model 3 in response to regulatory requirements for vehicles in the US and Europe.

Last year, Tesla released an updated version of the model 3, which allows the car to play sound when driving slowly or reversing (up to 19 mph).

Tesla seems to want to take advantage of the opportunity to add external speakers to its cars in accordance with regulatory requirements to develop new features that take advantage of these speakers.

Musk did not specify when the new feature would be available. However, he confirmed that this function will work with Tesla’s farting mode and sentinel mode. (reviewed by Tencent technology / Le Xue)