Musk said other brands of electric cars are using Tesla Supercharger

According to reports, Tesla’s Supercharger network seems to be about to support electric vehicles produced by other automakers. The company’s CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that although they are temporarily low-key in this regard, the company’s super charging pile network is opening up to other brands of electric vehicles.

A fan asked on Twitter whether Musk would open super charging stations to other brands of electric vehicles. Musk replied: “They have started to open, but they are still very low-key. Tesla super charging stations are being Used by electric vehicles.” As expected, Musk’s statement immediately triggered many speculations in the electric vehicle industry.

Prior to this, Musk has repeatedly talked about opening up the super charging network to other electric car manufacturers. As early as 2015, Musk emphasized that Tesla did not have a plan to monopolize the supercharging network. Musk said that as long as other automakers are willing to launch vehicles that can match the power of the supercharger, they can use Tesla’s supercharger. In addition, other car companies must also be willing to pay for the cost of charging the vehicle.

Musk pointed out at the time that Tesla has negotiated with some other automakers to use the company’s supercharger network. However, since then, this plan seems to have stalled. As to whether to allow other car companies to use its super charging network, Tesla began to remain silent, although some other electric car manufacturers have made it clear that they want to use Tesla’s charging piles, such as Bollinger Motors. In Europe, some people have also discovered that some other brands of electric cars are using Tesla superchargers. However, Tesla has not officially announced a cooperation with any other car companies.

Considering that Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the popularization of electric vehicles, it should be a good plan to share its super charging piles with vehicles produced by other car companies. Tesla super charging piles cover a wide range, and Tesla owners can find charging piles in many parts of the United States. In the United States and other countries, Tesla Supercharger is also one of the most stable charging networks, allowing electric vehicle owners to travel long distances. If Tesla opens its network to other automakers and other electric vehicles, then this move will help reduce the mileage anxiety of car owners and make long-distance sustainable transportation soon the norm.