Mx350 shows dual abilities and belittles the mechanic creator l evaluation

Today’s creator L is a 15.6-inch lightweight notebook that machinists have meticulously built this year. The L in its product name means “light”. The machinist hopes that creator l can become the companion of the majority of computer users who are light in office and light of entertainment!

In order to provide a first-class light office and light entertainment experience, creator L is equipped with the 10th generation smart Intel Core mobile processor and geforce mx350 independent graphics card. The 10th generation core has strong performance and low power consumption, which can bring you an efficient office experience; and the mx350 is also widely used in the lightweight notebook, which can add more leisure and entertainment functions to the lightweight notebook.

The mechanic creator L is an engineering testing machine, core i5 partner mx350, and 16GB memory, 512 solid state disk, Wi Fi 6 wireless network card and so on. How about its light office light entertainment performance? I think it is still very good, we will see it later.

Appearance appreciation: a + no highlight display screen / rich interface

Mechanic creator l adopts the popular gray design, which is very versatile. At the same time, it adopts a three sided metal body design. The fuselage is as light as 1.8kg and as thin as 17.9mm, providing good portability.

The top cover of this notebook is designed with the logo of the machinist creator series, and two symmetrical convex texture diagonal lines. The simplicity also shows a bit of personality.

The machine in my hand is equipped with a 15.6-inch, 1920 ร— 1080 resolution a + no bright spot wide view display. The promise of no bright spots makes perfectionists feel free to buy.

This notebook adopts the narrow frame design which is very popular in recent years. The three sides of the frame on the screen, left and right are all designed to be very narrow, which brings a high proportion of the screen for this notebook, and effectively reduces the body volume, and further improves the portability.

What is the quality of this display screen? The author uses the red spider color calibrator to calibrate the color of the screen, and finally obtains the color gamut parameters.

Through the actual test, we can see that this display has 64% sRGB and 50% Adobe RGB gamut coverage, and the performance is fair.

The camera and microphone pick-up is designed at the center of the bottom border of the screen.

This light and thin version uses white backlight keyboard design, with off and low-grade white backlight, high-grade white backlight brightness adjustable.

At the same time, several key FN function keys are introduced. The FN + 1 function key is “one key forced cooling”, and users can start it on demand to quickly cool down the light and thin version.

FN + 3 function key is “office mode”, FN + 4 function key is “game mode”. The game mode is also the strongest performance mode of this light and thin version. Users can choose according to their needs and calmly deal with their wonderful life.

The power on key is located on the front right of the keyboard.

The integrated touch panel makes the C surface more concise.

It has a power interface, an HDMI interface, two usb3.1 interfaces and a usb3.1 type-C interface on the left side of the fuselage.

On the right side of the fuselage, there is a notebook anti-theft latch, an SD card reader interface, a USB2.0 interface, a headset / headset two in one interface, and a power indicator.

The bottom of the fuselage is designed with a large area of heat dissipation and ventilation barriers.

Core i5 partner mx350: effective protection of light office entertainment experience

Core i5-10210u belongs to the 10th generation smart Intel Core mobile processor of comet lake. It is based on Intel’s continuously optimized 14nm process. It adopts a 4-core 8-thread design, with a basic frequency of 1.6GHz, a single core frequency of up to 4.2ghz, and a full core frequency of up to 3.9ghz.

In the strongest running mode (game mode) of this lightweight book, according to the test results of CPU-Z, geekbench and Fritz chess benchmark, the core i5-10210u meets the daily light office applications.

This lightweight book comes with a 512gb PCIe m.2 SSD, which takes both transmission speed and storage space into consideration.

Due to the use of the PCIe 3.0 X4 transmission mode, this SSD has good transmission performance. The test results of crystal disk mark show that its sequential read speed and sequential write speed exceed 1.5gb/s.

Geforce mx350 mobile graphics card is designed based on NVIDIA “Pascal” architecture. It has 640 CUDA cores, 16 raster units and 40 texture units. It is equipped with 2GB capacity and 64bit wide gddr5 video memory. The default frequency of GPU is 1354mhz, the boost frequency is 1468mhz, and the equivalent frequency of video memory is 7008mhz.

Next, the author will pass the 3dmark benchmark test and a game to reveal the real game performance of this lightweight version.

(Note: all game tests are conducted in this lightweight game mode)

3dmark benchmark

3dmark is the most widely used test software for game graphics card. The author selected three Dx11 test projects, firestrike, firestrike extreme and firestrike ultra, and a dx12 test project named timspy.

According to the test results of 3dmark, geforce mx350 is much better than the core graphics card of Intel’s 10th generation processor.

Game measurement — sniper elite V2 reprint

“Sniper elite V2 reprint” is a shooting game developed and released by rebollion. In the game, players will play the elite sniper Karl Fairborn to prevent Nazi V2 rocket technology from falling into the hands of the Soviet Red Army. Players must help key scientists eager to defecte to the United States and eliminate those who are in the way. Players need to be very patient between the two armies, using wisdom to complete the task.

From the test results, under the 1920 * 1080 resolution and high image quality, the core i5-10210u combined with this set of hard core combination of mx350 is able to run smoothly in response to “sniper elite V2 reprint”.

This also proves that it is no problem to use mechanic creator l to play some games with low demand for configuration after working.

The author used the pressure test of aida64 to test the double baking of FPU and GPU.

Full load temperature performance in game mode

CPU full load temperature 79 โ„ƒ, GPU full load temperature 74 โ„ƒ. Obviously, its cooling system is very easy to deal with the core i5-10210u and mx350 unique combination of hard core.

In the actual office and game process, what kind of cooling performance will this lightweight book have?

After running pcmark10 modern office test for 10 minutes, the author uses infrared thermal imager to conduct thermal imaging scanning test on the keyboard surface of this lightweight book. At this time, the temperature of keyboard surface is not over 40 โ„ƒ, and the performance is good.

After running the game “sniper elite V2 reprint” for 10 minutes, the author continued to conduct thermal imaging scanning test on the keyboard surface of this lightweight book by using infrared thermal imager. At this time, the maximum temperature of the thermal imaging area is less than 46 โ„ƒ, and part of the keyboard surface is over 40 โ„ƒ. For a light book, the performance of this one is acceptable.

The author continues to test the noise of this light and thin book by using the Sima as804 noise tester.

At full speed operation of the fan, the noise generated by the thin and thin heat dissipation is about 44 decibels. The noise is not big and the performance is very good.

Product summary

Mechanic creator L has reliable heat dissipation, strong endurance, and a very practical office game mode fast switching function, and so on, which left a good impression on the author. Light office and light entertainment. If you are looking for such a notebook, the mechanic creator L is really worthy of attention, especially in terms of price. The core i5-10210u with the mx350 unique related model, the price of the core i5-10210u with mx350 is about 4399 yuan (USD $628) , which is for consumers who pay special attention to price Its attraction is undoubtedly very strong!