Name your name with your last name! Honor magicbook se exposure

According to news on August 11, it was reported that Honor will launch a model of magicbook se notebook computer recently, which is aimed at light office workers and middle school students, and its price will be cheaper.

Recently, major manufacturers have launched their own new notebook, and this new machine called magicbook se is gradually emerging. It is reported that there will be two versions of the magicbook se, namely the magicbook 14 Se and the magicbook 16 se.

In the core configuration, 14 se will use amd four core r53500u processor, while 16 se will use AMD r53550h mobile processor with 16GB memory. However, sharp eyed netizens will surely find that when the previous version of the Magic Book sharp dragon was put on sale, the sharp dragon 4000U series processor had been officially released. Why does this new product carry the sharp dragon 3000u series? In fact, due to the new models coming into the market before, Honor renamed the magicbook 14 R5 3500u version and the magicbook Pro R5 3550h version to magicbook 14 Se and magicbook 16 se. This “new machine” is actually the version of last year.

According to the previous data, magicbook 14 2019 version uses AMD ryzen 5 3500u / R7 3700u processor, while pro version uses AMD r53550h processor with 16.1 inch 4.9mm micro frame screen. This year’s 2020 version uses amd Ruilong r54500u / R7 4700u processor, and pro 2020 Ruilong version uses amd Ruilong 4000H series standard pressure processor. In addition, the recent Honor of the Hunter game book will also be released on the market, when there will be more Honor products on the stage, let’s look forward to.