Chinese Mainland License Switch Fitness Ring Adventure is officially released, only 499 yuan (USD $71)

Last night, Tencent NintendoSwitch held an online press conference and officially launched the long-awaited “Fitness Ring Adventure” game in mainland China. The price is only 499 yuan (USD $71) . The pre-sale will start on August 20. The official sale time is September 3rd.

According to the official introduction, this game will be sold on, Tmall and other channels. The merchandise content includes Ring-Con™, leg straps and game redemption card bundle set, without physical game cassettes.

The “Fitness Ring Adventure” game is a fitness game released by Nintendo on October 18 last year and needs to be run on the Nintendo Switch platform. Players can use role-playing and complete designated fitness actions according to the game instructions to pass customs, so as to achieve the effect of physical exercise.

Players can install the Joy-Con handle on the Nintendo Switch into the “Ring-Con” and leg straps that come with the game to recognize their movements and take risks in the game while exercising. 60 kinds of fitness can be realized in the game, and records can be uploaded to compete with other players.