NavInfo denies being kicked out of Tesla's supply chain: adjustments not involving companies

On January 19, NavInfo released a notice saying that recently, a media published an article entitled "NavInfo was kicked out of Tesla's supply chain, Tesla announced that it would switch to Baidu Maps." The content in it does not match the facts.

NavInfo clarifies the explanation as follows: Tesla's adjustment of the on-board navigation online functions does not involve the vehicle-built navigation electronic map data and services provided by NavInfo for Tesla. Since Tesla entered the Chinese market in 2014, NavInfo has been providing in-vehicle navigation electronic map data and services for all Tesla vehicles. NavInfo's new product capabilities are completely consistent with the Tesla brand positioning, that is, focus on 100% safety and accurate path planning and navigation guidance.

On January 17, Tesla official Wei announced in the evening that "Tesla map data service providers will be replaced with Baidu maps."

Subsequently, Baidu Map publicly stated that it will provide Tesla with map data services such as basemap display, real-time traffic conditions, POI (points of interest) retrieval, support free and lossless zoom of image quality, and icons can be rotated with the basemap 360 degrees .

Affected by the above news, many netizens believe that NavInfo, which previously provided map data services for Tesla, has been replaced by Baidu Maps and kicked out of Tesla's "supply chain."

With the new clarification of NavInfo, the overall picture of Tesla's map service providers has become clearer.