Never before! Huawei's new patent exposure: camera looks changed

On March 26, according to LetsGoDigital, a new Huawei camera patent was recently authorized by the World Intellectual Property Office. From the exposed patent map, the back camera module of this smartphone is moved from the center to the left side of the fuselage, and the periphery of the camera near the edge is presented in a vertical form along the border. The overall shape looks like Irregular circles.

No other information about the camera patent is known at this time, but some media have said that this exposure camera is somewhat similar to the Huawei Mate series camera, except that the rear camera module of the Mate series is moved to the left Shifted, and adjusted the shape of the border.

It is understood that Huawei's Mate series positioning flagship, its rear camera module uses Leica optics, and the strength of photography has been favored by many users. In terms of shape design, the rear camera of the Mate series is circular as a whole, located at the upper part of the center of the fuselage, and surrounded by a circular halo.

In addition, there are patent documents showing that Huawei may add a display and touch function to the peripheral ring of the Mate series camera, so that it can implement functions such as volume adjustment, alarm reminder, caller information reminder, zoom setting, etc. It is not known when the above patents will be put into use, let us wait and see.