New choice for summer replacement! Realme Q3 Pro Carnival Edition Review: Snapdragon 768G+12GB large memory brings a smooth experience

[TechWeb Evaluation] With the end of the annual college entrance examination and senior high school entrance examination, Wu Mathematics has temporarily got rid of the pressure of academic work and ushered in a relaxing summer vacation. At this time, changing to a mobile phone that can be used for entertainment is naturally one of the first options. Following the previous launch of the new real me Q3 Pro carnival version on the basis of Q3 Pro, realme has recently released a new version again, bringing the machine’s 12GB+256GB large storage version, providing young consumers with a brand new trendy game At the same time of design, the operation efficiency is further improved. We still got this new machine at the first time. What is the different experience of this machine compared to the 8GB memory version evaluated before? Let us take a closer look below.

Brand new thin and light design for fun, fun design at first sight

As a new generation of thousand yuan machine king, the real self Q3 Pro carnival version continues the family-style fashion design, with the new launch of “Black Forest” and “Sky City” two color schemes, using innovative technology to create an extremely comfortable feel and fantasy Look and feel, to achieve a new upgrade of the trendy play design.

What I got this time is the Sky City version. This color-matching version adopts a special double-grain double-plating process, which forms a wonderful flowing dreamy color under the effect of the fusion of static colors and reflected colors. At the same time, the top and bottom layers are equipped with optical-grade UV texture and optical coating, and the middle frame adopts the same color laser engraving and matte integrated process, which makes the body present a unique flowing illusion effect, which is fascinating at first sight.

In addition, on the back shell of the dream color, the machine still uses the iconic large character Logo design, and the iconic “DARE TO LEAP” uses partial hollowing out of the texture, showing a colorful and colorful effect.

In addition, by upgrading the internal stacking process and adopting a new design, the real Q3 Pro carnival version is thinner and lighter on the basis of the real Q3 Pro’s thin and light body, achieving a thin and light body of 174g/7.9mm, which is better than the standard version. Reduced by 5g/0.3mm, it creates a light and thin grip that is unmatched at the full price.

120Hz Samsung AMOLED gaming screen, the strongest gaming experience in its class

TrueWo Q3 Pro Carnival Edition uses a 6.4-inch 120Hz Samsung AMOLED screen, which doubles the refresh rate and touch sampling rate of the previous generation, and the 120Hz high refresh rate is in line with the high-end flagship in 2021, and the 360Hz ultra-high touch sampling rate Compared with professional e-sports mobile phones, it can provide consumers with a smooth experience that was not available in previous thousand yuan phones.

At the same time, this screen also supports 100% coverage of DCI-P3 wide color gamut, local maximum brightness of 1000nit, and supports HDR high dynamic range movies, which can bring users a more brilliant visual display effect.

In addition, the machine is also equipped with a new generation of fast light-sensitive screen fingerprints. By adding a new security filter, the projected light can be upgraded from green to full-spectrum white, which improves the dimension of monitoring and recognition and greatly improves the safety performance. With high-brightness screen projection and powerful processing core, the fingerprint unlocking time of the off-screen fingerprint is only 300ms-400ms, which is equivalent to a blink of an eye of a person, and the unlocking experience is very good.

7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G processor releases ultimate performance

Like the 8GB RAM version reviewed before, the 12GB+256GB version of the True Me Q3 Pro Carnival Edition is still equipped with the 7nm flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G, using 1+1+6 octa-core architecture, and Kryo 475 super core frequency. Up to 2.8GHz, and has better energy efficiency performance, with Adreno 620 GPU that is up to 15% higher than the previous version, there is no pressure to run mainstream mobile games, and the ultimate performance is fully upgraded compared to the previous generation. At the same time, it is equipped with dual-channel UFS 2.2 high-performance flash memory, which increases the continuous reading and writing speed by 50% compared with the previous generation. When large files are copied, moved, and APP installation, there is no need to face the “progress bar anxiety”.

Next, in order to actually feel the real performance of the real self Q3 Pro carnival version, we still selected two of the most popular games for testing, namely, the Honor of the king and the elite of peace.

First of all, in Honor of Kings, when we turn on high frame rate, anti-aliasing and shadow effects, the frame rate of the machine can still be stabilized at about 60 frames, with almost no fluctuations, even large-scale team battles did not cause Obviously stuck and dropped frames.

In the peace elite with higher performance requirements, with the “HDR high definition” image quality and “ultra-high” frame rate turned on, the actual experience also basically did not find the phenomenon of stuck frames or dropped frames. Obviously, the real self Q3 Pro carnival version 12+256GB version with larger memory can meet the daily basic entertainment without any problems.

Of course, powerful performance is inseparable from efficient heat dissipation. The machine is equipped with a newly upgraded liquid VC liquid cooling + multilayer graphite. It adopts a new generation of internal structure, with a total heat dissipation area of 13,073.81m², which can cover 100% of the core heating. source. In our actual game test for an hour, the body did not show obvious overheating from beginning to end.

64 million streamer portrait three-shot image quality performance is fully leapfrog

Real Self Q3 Pro Carnival Edition is equipped with 64 million streamer portrait three shots, of which 64 million ultra-clear image quality proofs have been qualitatively improved, and 8 million pixels 119° ultra-wide-angle lens, single pixel up to 1.12μm, in shooting mountains and rivers When rivers, buildings and other grand landscapes, it can provide a wider field of view and clarity.

Below, we will actually experience the real camera performance of the real Q3 Pro carnival version through several sets of samples of different scenes.

Day proof:

In the daytime proofs, even if the weather is not good, the 64-megapixel main camera performed well as before. Although the light is slightly insufficient and some of the proofs are dark, the color reproduction of the plants and buildings in the proofs is relatively accurate. The details are presented very delicately and clearly, the background blur is more real and natural, and the overall look and feel is still very good.

Night scene proofs:

In terms of night shooting, the real self Q3 Pro carnival version has a fairly good overall control of complex light. It can cope with scenes with strong contrast between light and dark. It can suppress the highlights and retain the dark details to the greatest extent. In a very low-light indoor or outdoor environment, this lens of the real me Q3 Pro carnival version can also provide a good amount of light, ensuring the purity of the picture has a certain guarantee, of course, there will be some details missing, after all This is just a thousand yuan machine.

△ Standard mode

△ Night scene mode

At the same time, the machine also supports the RAW format super night scene shooting function. Even if there is only a little light in the entire picture, the brightness of the real me Q3 Pro carnival version is significantly improved, which can show more comprehensive dark details, and ensure that the bright parts are not exposed, and the film is more Clear and brighter.

As for the front camera, the real self Q3 Pro carnival version is newly upgraded to a 32 million front selfie lens, using the Sony IMX615 sensor, so that selfies can also have the main camera quality. At the same time, the front lens fully inherits the realme image self-developed technology such as blur, beauty, night scene selfie and HDR, covering various scene shooting needs, and integrates multiple noise reduction, beauty and night scene algorithms, allowing users who love selfies to be free. Take a blockbuster selfie and become a circle of friends like Reaping Madness.

4500mAh battery + 50W smart flash charging, ultimate performance and lasting release

TrueWo Q3 Pro Carnival Edition is equipped with a 4500mAh large battery, with the two power optimization functions of the system layer, “full scene intelligent power saving” and super power saving mode, allowing the ultimate performance to be released boldly and lasting longer. In terms of fast charging, the machine is equipped with the highly acclaimed 50W smart flash charging. It adopts a new generation of high-voltage charge pump fast charging technology and has an ultra-high conversion rate of 97%. The official said that the machine can charge 50% in 14 minutes. , It can be filled with 100% in 45 minutes.


△ Endurance test

In the actual battery life test, we simulated several common usage scenarios in daily use, including 30 minutes of “Peace Elite”, 30 minutes of video call, 30 minutes of reading, 30 minutes of listening to music and 30 minutes of online video, totaling 150 minutes Continuous battery life test. After the test, the remaining power is as high as 79%. According to this calculation, the machine can basically meet online “eating chicken” for 6 hours, online video watching for 6 hours, online reading for about 20 hours, and continuous video calls for 6 hours. In other words, this endurance performance has been very good.


△ Charging test

In the charging test, the machine can be charged to 35% in 10 minutes, 83% in 30 minutes, and it takes only 45 minutes to fully charge. This charging speed allows you to fully charge the battery in a relatively short time. To a certain extent, alleviate the usual power anxiety.

It is worth noting that the machine is also widely compatible with mainstream charging protocols. It not only supports Super Dart 50W, Dart 30W, QC 2.0/PD 2.0/18W/10W fast charging, but also can charge at high speed using other fast charging devices. At the same time, the phone itself also supports OTG reverse charging, providing 5V 500mA charging power, so that AIoT products can also maintain sufficient power at all times.

to sum up:

All in all, the realme Q3 Pro carnival version has a very outstanding trendy appearance and a thin and light feel in the same price model. At the same time, in terms of hardware, the machine also has a Snapdragon 768G chip, a 120Hz Samsung AMOLED, 64 million streamer three cameras + 32 million. The front-facing Selfie lens and 50W smart flash charging and other leapfrog configurations, and the appearance of the new 12GB+256GB large memory version, further allows young users and student parties to use it easily and freely.

According to the official introduction, the machine will be officially launched in offline stores across the country on July 1. If you are a student party who is preparing to take advantage of the heat and have a higher demand for memory and space, then the machine will be A very good choice.