New design never before! Meizu 17 real machine first exposed, charging display is the highlight?

According to news on March 17, according to foreign media GSMArena, the real photo of Meizu 17 was exposed in the wild. It can be seen from the exposed pictures that there is a hole in the upper right corner of the camera, and the camera is charging during the shooting. It is worth mentioning that in addition to displaying the specific charging amount during charging, there is a surrounding buffer design on the front camera. According to foreign media speculation, this feature should be newly launched by Meizu official.

Earlier on the 17th anniversary of Meizu, the official Meizu official announced the release time of the first 5G flagship. In April, Meizu 17 strived to release it, thanking Meiyou for its support. As far as known information, Meizu 17 will be equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, and the screen may support a refresh rate of 90Hz.

In other respects, there are many rumors about the arrangement of the Meizu 17 rear camera module. Some netizens believe that the Meizu 17 will use the patented Oreo camera module, and some people think that it will use a horizontal arrangement. In addition, there is news that Meizu 17 will no longer be a symmetrical design.

However, none of the above news has been confirmed. I believe that as the release time approaches, there will be more and more news about Meizu 17. Do you expect Meizu's first 5G flagship? Comments are welcome.