New equipment for gamers, large screen TV makes the game more shocking

XBOX Series X/S and Sony PS5, which will be released in less than a month, are undoubtedly the topics that console players have been talking about recently. With the iteration of game hardware, the game has continuously made breakthroughs in image quality, which makes many young players no longer satisfied with playing games on small-sized computer monitors. Playing games on the TV, the big screen can bring an immersive experience far beyond the monitor screen.

And several smart TVs under Xiaomi not only have large high-definition screens and rich interfaces, but also support mobile phone projection, which is very convenient for game expansion, and has low input delay, coupled with super high cost performance, whether for host or mobile game players. Said it is a very suitable choice.

Redmi Smart TV X50/X55/X65

Among the entry-level TVs, the Redmi Smart TV X series (X50/X55/X65), with its balanced configuration and a starting price of less than 2,000 yuan (USD $286) , is very popular in sales and has won praise from users.

In the comments, we can see that users have a high degree of recognition of the Redmi Smart TV X series. First of all, this TV has an ultra-high cost-effectiveness, a fine workmanship, a narrow bezel design, and a delicate screen display. The speakers are also very good, and have a lot of TV resources. From user feedback, it is not difficult to see that the Redmi X series is a very comprehensive smart TV. Below we will introduce its advantages in detail.

The Redmi Smart TV X series adopts a full metal frame and a 4K full-screen design, with a screen-to-body ratio of 97%, bringing a wider display area and a more immersive visual experience. It also has NTSC 85% wide color gamut and supports MEMC motion compensation.

MEMC can insert new motion compensation frames into the original picture sequence. After the MEMC function is turned on, it can significantly reduce the phenomenon of smear, jitter, etc., making the motion picture look clearer and smoother.

In terms of audio, it is equipped with an 8-unit high-power audio system, with transparent treble and surging bass, enjoying the surging sound of a theater; and supports DOLBY AUDIO Dolby sound technology, providing a rich, clear and thrilling listening experience; At the same time, it supports Dolby + DTS dual decoding, sitting in the living room can experience the immersive cinema-level shocking sound effects.

In the core configuration, it is equipped with a 2*A73+2*A53 architecture high-performance quad-core processor, 2GB memory + 32GB large storage, Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wi-Fi, built-in Xiao Ai voice assistant, and provides a very Rich interface. This allows Redmi Smart TV X series not only to be easily connected to game consoles or computers, but also to decode smoothly. With its low screen delay, it is a very suitable choice for entry-level game users.

Of course, to catch up with the annual "Hand-picking Festival", Double 11 is also the best time to start Redmi smart TV. At present, the Redmi Smart TV X series is opening a deposit pre-sale discount in Xiaomi Mall. The 50-inch X50 is not higher than 1888 yuan (USD $270) , the 55-inch X55 is not higher than 2299 yuan (USD $328) , and the 65-inch X65 is not higher than 2999 yuan (USD $428) .

Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED

If you are an enthusiast gamer, then the Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED with stronger color expression, lower latency, and support for a new generation of HDMI2.1 host interface can bring a more extreme shocking experience.

The 65-inch 4K OLED screen used in this TV has a total of more than 8.29 million pixels. All pixels can independently control light. Each pixel can be turned off and on individually to achieve an absolute black field that is infinitely close to 0nit. This screen also supports True 10bit and HDR10+ displays, covering up to 98.5% of the cinema-level DCI-P3 color gamut, and the typical color standard Delta E<1.5, which can accurately restore the color of the movie and bring a more shocking display effect.

In terms of refresh rate and input delay that game users value most, the Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED also has unique advantages. It supports 120Hz high refresh rate and MEMC, and the response time is only 1ms, so that every subtle movement of the screen can be clearly captured, helping players to take the initiative.

In terms of appearance, the Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED adopts a four-sided borderless full-screen design as a whole. In the closed state, there is almost no physical frame on the front, and the screen-to-body ratio reaches 98.8%. The TV uses a transparent glass base, a gradual black texture is printed with a silk screen process, and is equipped with colorful floating breathing lights to bring a more advanced texture.

Of course, a good game experience is also indispensable for the blessing of excellent sound effects. The Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED adopts a 3D panoramic sound system: 9-unit speakers with a total output power of up to 65W; built-in 1.9L super-large sound cavity subwoofer, bringing excellent 50Hz low frequency performance and reverberation atmosphere; support based on dome reflection technology The sky sound channel gathers the upward sound above the audience's head through the ceiling reflection to form a 3D spatial surround sound; supports Dolby Atmos 2.1.2 from the industry standard, creating a palace-level audio-visual enjoyment.

In terms of interfaces, the Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED provides a wealth of interfaces. It also uses the latest HDMI 2.1 standard, supports 4K, 120Hz image quality input, and also includes dynamic HDR, VRR variable refresh rate and ALLM automatic low latency mode. Future game consoles can get the best gaming experience on the TV through this interface.

We can also see from the feedback of many purchasers that the Mi TV Master 65-inch OLED performs impeccably in terms of appearance, picture quality, and sound effects. During Double 11, the pre-sale deposit of Xiaomi TV Master 65-inch OLED is 1,000 to 4,000, and the price is not higher than 9,999 yuan (USD $1428) , which is a direct drop of 3,000 yuan (USD $429) compared to the initial price, which is worth considering.

Mi TV Master 82 inches

If your living room is large enough, the 82-inch super-quality giant screen of Mi TV Master is worth considering. It is equipped with an 82-inch 4K screen, a three-sided borderless design, with a screen-to-body ratio of 97.3%, supports 10bit color depth, DCI-P3 wide color gamut coverage of 93%, has a 120Hz refresh rate, and has a delay as low as 6.5ms. Support MEMC intelligent frame supplement, excellent picture quality.

The 82-inch LCD screen of the Mi TV Master has 240 light control zones, with a brightness uniformity of 90%, each zone can show 4096 levels of light and dark changes, can reach 1000nits peak brightness and 140000:1 contrast ratio, support HDR10/HDR10+/Dolby Vision/HLG four professional certifications. With the in-depth customization of the independent APU neural network computing unit, it can intelligently analyze, identify, and tune the picture, and enhance the image expressiveness in all aspects from color, clarity, and contrast.

In terms of sound effects, the Mi TV Master 82 inches is equipped with a panoramic sound system for living room theaters. The sound system is composed of 6-unit crossover speakers with a maximum output power of 30W. It adopts neodymium iron boron magnetic materials and high-quality sound unit with a silk dome, combined with a 2L super-large sound cavity, so that both high and middle bass have strong penetrating power. Shocking, delicate midrange and clear treble.

The Mi TV Master 82-inch is also equipped with 3 HDMI2.1 ports, supports 4K120Hz video transmission, dynamic HDR, VRR variable refresh rate, etc. It is an excellent partner for a new generation of game consoles.

The 82-inch Mi TV Master is currently priced at 9999 yuan (USD $1428) in Mi Mall. It is one of the few giant screen TVs with excellent comprehensive performance in all aspects within 10,000 yuan (USD $1429) . Many high-end users have been Xiaomi's excellent price-performance ratio is impressed.

Redmi Smart TV MAX 98''

If you think the above TV is not big enough, then I believe this 98-inch giant screen color TV will definitely satisfy you. How big is 98 inches? Officially described as 13.6% larger than a 1.2-meter single bed, and the size of a ping-pong table, whether it is watching a movie or playing a game, the visual impact is beyond imagination.

Redmi Smart TV MAX 98'' has a 98-inch 4K giant screen, covering 85% of NTSC color gamut, 192 direct-lit dynamic backlight, 140,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio; supporting MEMC motion compensation and more than 20 image quality tuning technologies Ninth-generation image quality engine, etc. Its shape adopts a deep-colored stainless steel frame with a metal drawing process. The width of the four frames remains the same, only 12.8mm, and the screen-to-body ratio is as high as 98.8%, which can create a broader game vision for players and fully fire on the battlefield.

In terms of core hardware, Redmi Smart TV MAX is equipped with a 12nm process Amlogic quad-core A55 processor, with powerful performance, smooth game play without lag, and 4GB+64GB storage capacity. Interfaces include 3 HDMI, 1 AV, 2 USB, 1 One network port, one S/PDIF, etc. The speaker adopts a 4-unit large cavity speaker design, supporting Dolby + DTS dual decoding.

It is worth mentioning that, due to the particularity of 98 inches, Redmi has also thoughtfully considered installation issues for users, and launched a VIP customized delivery service. After the user places an order, there will be one-to-one customer service, and then professionals will come to the door to conduct a comprehensive survey of the elevator space and wall load-bearing, and professional delivery and installation will be performed after the personalized installation plan is determined. During this period, Xiaomi related personnel will continue to provide assistance until the user confirms that it is correct.

At present, the lowest price of other 98-inch TVs on the market is still around 100,000 yuan (USD $14286) , while the 98-inch Sony TV is priced at more than 500,000 yuan (USD $71429) . As of the beginning of this year, the total price of 98-inch TVs in the Chinese market Less than 100 units sold. Today, the price of Redmi Smart TV MAX 98" is only 19,999 yuan (USD $2857) . The daily sales of the Redmi Smart TV MAX 98" have exceeded 1,000. The 98-inch TV is no longer limited by the high price, and is quickly being accepted by more ordinary families, which perfectly explains what it is. It is a giant screen TV with the ultimate price-performance ratio.