New era of mobile gaming? The next generation of mobile phones may support the light pursuit effect

Although in the field of video games, mobile games are the latest to be born, they are the fastest growing. According to a game market revenue report, the mobile game market has surpassed the sum of the PC and console game markets, with only one " The annual revenue of "King of Honor" is as high as billions of dollars.

With the improvement of mobile phone performance, the screen of mobile games is also upgrading, but it is still far behind compared with computers, but it is not necessarily on the next generation of mobile phones. Recently, Imagination announced that it will add the light tracking function to the next-generation mobile GPU chip IMG C series to achieve light tracking effects on mobile phones.

Since NVIDIA started the era of optical pursuit with RTX 20 series graphics cards, the development speed of optical pursuit function can be said to have exceeded many people's expectations, and the support speed of mobile phones has exceeded many people's expectations. Moreover, Imagination divides the light-tracking effect into six levels. The IMG C series will support the fifth-level light-tracking effect, claiming to provide a future desktop experience and support complex and complete ray tracing.

In contrast, the current desktop PC optical chase is the fourth level, and the mainframe is the third level. However, the light chase of the IMG C series is still in the PPT state, and the actual effect remains to be disclosed by subsequent information.