New features hidden in win10 2004: making cloud applications more localized

In the may update of windows (2004), Microsoft has hidden a very important function. It allows the system to host applications such as Android and PWA, and the user experience on the user side is not much different from other software.

The developers found that applications can claim to be running on other hosts, while retaining the identity of independent applications in the system. For example, a script file that needs to be run by other hosts can be regarded as a complete application by windows 10. It not only has a separate icon that can be viewed in the task manager, but also can be unloaded like other software.

At present, this function is mainly used in & nbsp; PWA (progressive web apps), whose host is Chrome browser, but windows can regard it as a normal program.

In the previous Samsung Galaxy unpacked event, Microsoft and Samsung jointly said that “your phone” application will be able to run the software in the phone directly in the pop-up mode. The function of this disclosure is not limited to smart phones under the same LAN, which can make the application run in other hosts mainly in the cloud.

According to foreign media, this function of Microsoft can not only bring more functions to windows 10x system, but also enable enterprises to provide enterprise applications to customers online, and later maintenance may be more convenient.

I think this function is similar to the popular cloud games at present, and it should be able to solve the shortcomings of user terminal performance and compatibility.