New ideas for folding screens, OPPO teamed up with Japanese studios to launch a three-stage folding concept machine

Today’s folding phones are mostly in two forms, one is a horizontal folding model like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the other is a vertical folding model like the Motorola Rarz. A few days ago, OPPO teamed up with Japanese designer Sato Yamato and his team Nendo to launch a three-hinged folding concept mobile phone—slide-phone, which provides a new idea for folding screen devices.

It can be seen from the relevant pictures that when the whole hand is fully folded, the device is as big as a bank card and can be placed in the palm of the hand. Swipe up for one stage to display a 40mm long screen, which can complete simple operations such as making and receiving calls, sending and receiving messages, and viewing application notifications. Sliding up for another stage can show the 80mm long screen, and the lens will move up accordingly, which is suitable for use scenarios such as taking pictures, video calls, and playing games. When the phone is fully unfolded, the screen size of the whole device is 7 inches, and it adopts a narrow frame design. In addition, this phone can also be used in different states such as fully unfolded, fully folded, and half folded to meet the needs of different scenarios.

In addition, this concept model also has a built-in stylus, which can be stored in the body when not in use, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

In addition to this concept phone, OPPO and Nendo Studios also launched a true wireless Bluetooth headset concept product, which looks like a mini doughnut when stored. After unfolding, it is the true wireless headset we use every day. This headset also includes an AI speaker, a portable charging box and a wireless charger, and the devices are interconnected. For example, the wireless charger can not only charge the earphones, but also be used as a wireless charger for mobile phones; when the earphones are placed on the AI speaker, the seamless switch from earphone to speaker can be realized.