New iPad manual exposure: full screen design + fingerprint power button

Recently, Apple registered 8 Apple Watches and 7 iPads in the files of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), and subsequently exposed a suspected iPad Air manual on the Internet. The manual is in Spanish. You can find this iPad Air is a full-screen design and is equipped with Touch ID function.

From the front view of the fuselage shown in the manual, it can be found that this new iPad Air adopts a full-screen design similar to the iPad Pro, but the surrounding frame is much faster, and the top position is not equipped with a Face ID module. Instead, the Touch ID function is integrated on the top power button, which is a common fingerprint power button in Android phones. This is consistent with previous rumors that Apple is developing a side fingerprint unlocking device.

The manual also shows that the new iPad Air has metal contacts added to the back of the fuselage, which can be used to connect to other keyboard accessories, and supports the same Apple Pencil pairing function as the iPad Pro. There has also been news that this year’s iPad Air will have its own dedicated magic keyboard accessories, and the metal contacts on the back may be prepared for this.

Although the functions introduced in this manual are consistent with the previously reported content, it is still uncertain about its accuracy. According to the information leaked by the well-known whistleblower Joh Prosser, the new Apple Watch and iPad will be released in the form of a press release on September 8, and the authenticity of the information can be verified by then.