New iPad Pro appears unexpectedly on Apple's official website: 4 models in total

News on March 18th, 4 new iPad Pro models were accidentally exposed in the "iPad User Manual" option of Apple China's official website yesterday. In addition to the A2228 and A2229 that have appeared in the Eurasian Economic Commission database, they also include previously unseen Passed A2231 and A2233. It is understood that the exposure of the new product information may be caused by improper operation. At present, the official website of Apple has revoked the relevant information of 4 iPad Pros.

From the limited information on the official website, the four iPad Pros include two sizes, 11 inches and 12.9 inches. Among them, A2228 is an 11-inch WiFi version, A2231 is an 11-inch cellular network version, A2229 is a 12.9-inch WiFi version, and A2233 is a 12.9-inch cellular network version.

Although the official website does not show the release time of these 4 new products, usually only the new Apple products that will be released in the next few weeks or months will appear in the Eurasian Economic Commission database. Of the four new products exposed this time, two have appeared in the database, so it seems that the release time of these four new products should not be far away.

According to the information leaked by the previous iOS 14 system code, this year ’s new iPad Pro will use the iPhone 11 Pro ’s Yuba three-camera camera module and add a ToF 3D sensor to assist future research and development of AR augmented reality functions. At present, Apple China's official website has been unable to query the relevant information of these 4 iPad Pro, the specific details need to wait for the official release of the news, let us wait and see.