New logo fuselage integrated with super running elements Honor game design exposure

At the 8th anniversary of the pollen club in early July, Zhao Ming, President of Honor, revealed the relevant information of the Honor game book, saying that the Honor game book, which has been planned for a long time, will soon meet with you. Today, the design manuscript and application information of the suspected Honor game book were exposed. It seems that Honor game book will meet us soon.

According to the design manuscript exposed online, the code name of Honor game book is hunter FRD, the appearance design part of the super run element, Honor game book a side added super run engine cover full of muscle lines, at the same time, in the game book air outlet also added super run design elements, the overall air outlet is similar to the super run tail exhaust, so that the heat dissipation interface of the fuselage, not only has a strong heat dissipation effect, but also is excellent in appearance..

Honor game in the fuselage edge of the use of similar gem cutting technology, so that the body looks more texture.. In addition, the logo of the a side of the Honor game book has also been completely new designed. The overall design style is completely different from the previous Honor notebook, which is more in line with the positioning of its game book.

In addition, the online exposure of a group of application information is likely to be the upcoming Honor game book, which further confirms that Honor game book will meet us soon. From the network access information, Honor game will have a number of models, equipped with a power adapter up to 200W. Hardware, Honor game will probably use high-performance AMD processor and AMD independent graphics card.

Previously launched the Honor notebook has achieved great success, Honor game is a new exploration of Honor, will it bring us surprise? Let’s wait and see.