New MacBook Air goes on Apple's official website, price drops by 900 yuan (USD $129)

Tonight, Apple quietly launched the 2020 MacBook Air without a press conference or website maintenance. The starting price is 7,999 yuan (USD $1143) , which is 900 yuan (USD $129) cheaper than the old model.

The new MacBook Air is no different from the previous generation in appearance. The processor is upgraded to Intel's 10th generation Core processor, and the i3 option is added. Due to the processor upgrade, the memory has also been upgraded to the latest LPDDR4X specification with a frequency of 3733MHz. Due to the limitation of Intel processors, the previous generation can only use LPDDR3 memory.

The new 10th generation Core processor, i3 is dual-core and four-threaded, i5 and i7 are both quad-core and eight-threaded, which means that the MacBook Air will finally use a quad-core processor in 2020, while it has been dual-core.

Due to the high failure rate of the butterfly keyboard, Apple has returned to the scissors keyboard design on the previously released MacBook Pro 16, and the 2020 MacBook Air naturally continues this design.

The minimum configuration of the 2020 MacBook Air is a dual-core i3 8GB memory 256GB solid-state hard drive, which costs 7999 yuan (USD $1143) . The high-end version is a quad-core i5 8GB memory 512GB solid state drive, which costs 9999 yuan (USD $1428) .

In the list of specifications, the low-profile version and high-profile version have the option to upgrade to i5 and i7 processors and 16GB of memory, respectively, which may be added when they are officially launched. But the specific start time has not yet been determined.