New MacBook products appear in the database: Butterfly keyboard is abandoned

On January 14, according to foreign media macrumors, apple submitted an application to the Eurasian Economic Commission today. The main body of the application is an unpublished Mac with the model identification of a2289, while the official description of it is a portable MAC product based on Mac OS Catalina.

Generally speaking, when Apple wants to market devices with encryption function in Europe or countries, it must first record them in the database of Eurasian Economic Commission. Before that, Apple had a number of new products exposed through the database, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPad pro, apple watch, AirPods and other products, while the official launch of the products is general A few months after filing, that means the new Mac won’t be too far away.

Previously, Guo Mingfu, a well-known analyst, predicted that Apple would use scissor keyboard in this year’s new macbook pro or MacBook Air Products. Combined with the news that Apple’s new products appear in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission today, the scissor keyboard of this new MacBook product is more capable. As for whether the new product is macbook pro or MacBook Air series, at present There is no accurate information.

But judging from the new Apple products last year, the 16 inch MacBook Pro released by apple in October uses a scissor keyboard, and is highly praised by users with a very excellent tapping experience. Therefore, more users think the new product will be a 13 inch MacBook Pro.

Editor: Shi Yi