New member of "shared office" service: Honor tablet V6 goes online for National Day sharing plan

What should I do if I suddenly receive overtime tasks when I am traveling during the National Day holiday? On October 4th, Honor official Wechat announced the launch of a "sharing tablet" limited time service with Meituan. On October 5th, when users place an order through Meituan Takeaway, they can receive the Honor Tablet V6 delivered by the rider within the specified time, and then the rider will take it back after use. Even if you go out lightly, you can calmly cope with the sudden overtime tasks during the holiday. . The launch of this new business is also the second time that Honor and Meituan have joined hands to expand the new field of the "sharing economy" after launching the "shared notebook", and continue to help young people on the road to struggle with escalating humanized care.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Double Festival" combined, I believe that many friends have formulated a rich travel plan. At this time, you who are on the journey may be most afraid of "the leader suddenly calls you to work overtime"-neither can I refuse, but also suffer from inadequate office equipment. The frequent thunderstorms of this embarrassing phenomenon have also triggered a strong demand for the “shared office” model among young people. In this case, Honor Tablet V6 and Meituan Waimai jointly launched the "shared tablet" service to provide young people with new ideas for shared office. On Huawei phones supporting EMUI 10.0 and above or Honor phones with Magic UI 3.0 and above, turn on the multi-screen collaboration function, you can quickly upload the data in the phone to the tablet for editing operations, and easily resolve the trouble of unexpected work during the holiday.

It is reported that the Honor "shared tablet" service launched this time not only provides simple equipment rental, but also cooperates with Honor nationwide stores to create a safe and efficient travel office solution for users. According to different office needs, users can choose to go to the nearest offline Honor Experience Store to enjoy temporary office space; or log in to the Meituan Takeaway APP to search for "shared tablet", purchase the rental period and place an order with one click, and enjoy Honor "Sharing Tablet" service (specific service rules are subject to the Meituan page).

As a representative of mobile productivity tools, Honor Tablet V6 continues to enrich and diversify innovative cooperation based on the characteristics of the current young people. Following the previous cooperation with the Chinese University MOOC to carry out online teaching, cross-industry cooperation with Meituan has been launched again, so that more people can enjoy the beautiful life brought by technological innovation and accelerate the popularization of the new concept of "shared office".

First of all, in terms of product performance, Honor Tablet V6 realizes the integration of 5G and Wi-Fi 6+ for the first time in the tablet field, which can meet network requirements in different scenarios and bring a fast and stable Internet experience. The Kirin 985 flagship chip is equipped with a 7nm process, with deep software and hardware optimization, and has stronger processing performance, image capabilities and AI capabilities, which improves the overall performance and energy efficiency of the tablet.

Specific to the office scene, the most worth mentioning is the multi-screen collaboration function of Honor Tablet V6. You can quickly connect your mobile phone and tablet through three simple methods: Bluetooth proximity discovery, NFC tag transfer, and scan QR code, and transfer files between the two devices through drag and drop, which greatly improves office efficiency and is a mobile office Brings new ideas. In terms of battery life, after fully charged, the 7250mAh super-capacity battery can achieve 10.5 hours of comprehensive office hours, making the use process more secure.

It can be said that in the Internet + era, Honor Tablet V6, whether it is cooperating with the Chinese University MOOC to create live online courses, or co-launching tablet sharing services with Meituan Waimai, is providing a more convenient and intelligent "light path" to young people. Closer, but also inject new vitality into the development of the tablet industry. I believe that with the in-depth development of the sharing economy, the coverage of Honor Tablet will continue to expand. We will wait and see through continuous upgrade of product functions, optimization of user experience, and full use of product value.