New mobile payment experience: OPPO Wallet's first batch of access to digital RMB App

With the gradual roll-out of domestic pilot projects for digital RMB, leading mobile phone manufacturers have begun to follow suit. OPPO has set an example recently, and its OPPO Wallet officially launched a “sub-wallet” in the digital RMB app, becoming the first mobile wallet app to access digital RMB, and it supports direct charging of phone bills.

Being able to become the only mobile wallet with a digital RMB App sub-wallet benefited from OPPO’s sensitive market research and insights, as well as strong R&D capabilities.

As early as December last year, OPPO became one of the companies supporting digital renminbi consumption in the pilot digital renminbi red envelopes launched during the “Double 12” period in Suzhou. At that time, consumers could spend without any threshold in many offline OPPO stores in Suzhou City. OPPO has brought a brand new digital RMB payment experience by upgrading the cash register in the store.

Not only that, during the New Year’s Day of 2021, the People’s Government of Futian District in Shenzhen also launched a digital RMB red envelope pilot program, bringing 20 million “Futian Gifted Digital RMB Red Packets” campaign. OPPO also participated in it. This time it appeared as a helper of the strategic partner Huantai Digital Technology. It provides multi-scenario support for this digital RMB red envelope. Users can use digital RMB red envelopes in many OPPOs in Shenzhen. Specialty stores conduct no-threshold consumption.

It can be seen that OPPO Wallet provides more usage scenarios for the digital renminbi, not only has made a contribution to the digital renminbi industry, it has made it convenient for citizens, and has also set an example for the industry. With the acceleration of the implementation of digital renminbi, I believe that everyone will soon be able to see everyone using OPPO wallets to use digital renminbi to ride the subway and shop in all parts of the country.