New Tesla Model S spy photos exposed: sci-fi steering wheel is gone

Model S is not only the first model of Tesla, but also the flagship sedan of the family. The model of the car was announced earlier this year. Recently, real shots of the new car have also been exposed.

According to the real shots of the new car exposed by foreign media, the new Model S adopts a more sporty body style, but maintains the classic appearance of a flagship sedan. The front face changes are mainly for the grille and front bumper, and the intake openings in the lower part of the surrounding area are larger, which helps aerodynamics.

In addition, the wheels of the new car are similar to the new Model 3, and will achieve lower wind resistance and increase cruising range.

It is worth noting that the interior of the exposure shows that the new Model S does not use the rectangular steering wheel previously equipped in the official picture, but instead uses the traditional circular steering wheel.

Earlier, people in the industry questioned that the steering wheel design similar to F1 is too radical and difficult to pass the traffic laws of various countries, and it may be a relatively safe choice to use the traditional steering wheel design.

In addition, the new car’s turn signal lever and shift mechanism have also been cancelled. The turn signal lever should be replaced by the button on the left side of the steering wheel. According to the official statement, the shift mechanism will no longer exist physically. The gear required by the vehicle will be intelligently judged based on the surrounding environment, obstacles in front and the navigation route, without the need for the driver to manually switch gears. If the gear switched by the vehicle is not as expected, the driver can select the gear through the virtual buttons on the screen .

In the power part, the new Tesla Model S long-range version delivered in the future in China is equipped with dual-drive motors, with an acceleration time of 3.2s from 0-100km/h, and a NEDC cruising range (estimated) of 663km.

The Plaid version and Plaid Plus version are equipped with three motors, the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is less than 2.1s, and the NEDC cruising range (estimated) is 628km and 840km respectively.

The new Tesla Model S has been officially released before and launched in China, with a total of 3 models launched with a price range of 799,999 to 1,174,900 yuan (USD $167843) . According to the plan, the car is expected to be delivered in the third quarter of 2021.