New Upgrade of Xiaomi Smart Life: Xiaomi Pinpin Sticker 2 Starts Crowdfunding

On the evening of August 11, Beijing time, Xiaomi Group held a press conference for the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi. At the press conference, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said: Xiaomi IoT platform has connected more than 252 million devices and entered more than 55 million households. The world’s largest consumer-grade IoT smart interconnection platform. At the 10th anniversary conference of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Smart Life also brought a series of new upgraded software and hardware experiences, including richer interconnection experience, easier-to-use control experience, and more powerful AI artificial intelligence experience.

A series of functions of “Xiaomi Miaoxiang” newly unveiled at this conference, smart phone interconnection functions are more powerful, breaking the “dimension wall” between mobile phones and TVs, notebooks, smart speakers and wearable devices; the newly released MIUI 12 smart Life Control Center, Xiaomi Touch Sticker 2, one-click networking function, making smart devices easier to use; Xiaomi’s artificial intelligence assistant Xiao Ai also released a new “Puff” children’s tone, and started to provide active suggestions As a reminder, whether it is the control of smart devices or life travel information, this smart assistant with more than 70 million monthly actives has become more and more aware of you. In the future, Xiaomi will also always strive to provide users with a smarter, simpler, and more senseless smart life experience in all scenarios.

The Xiaomi Touchpad 2 that will debut at this conference only needs to write the desired smart scene into the touchpad and tap it to open it. This crowdfunding is the 20th Anniversary Edition of Xiaomi Touchpad, priced at 19.9 yuan (USD $3) and free shipping.

In the past ten years, Xiaomi has never moved forward. As the name suggests, Xiaomi Touchpad 2 is already the second-generation product of Xiaomi’s NFC patch. The first-generation product was released in 2014. Now Xiaomi Touch Stick 2 can also be controlled and has released a series of explosive models including Mijia pressure IH rice cooker, air purifier, sweeping robot, laser projection TV, washing machine, smart table lamp, constant temperature electric kettle, air conditioner, range hood, smart camera, etc. There are over 2,200 smart products. Meet 55.99 million households.

Xiaomi Pingpin 2 can not only control Xiaomi IoT platform products, but also support 89 IoT platforms such as Philips and Oppo. The number of connected devices on the Xiaomi AIoT platform is 252 million (excluding mobile phones and laptops). At present, Xiaomi has become the world’s largest consumer-level IoT smart interconnection platform, with 4.6 million users having 5 or more devices connected to the Xiaomi IoT platform. It is precisely the mutual empowerment of the layout of the Xiaomi AIoT super Internet that Xiaomi TouchPang 2 also meets the application scenarios of all aspects of users’ lives.

Xiaomi Pinpin Sticker 2 can quickly open the smart scene of the Mijia APP, and you can run your own scene with just a touch of your phone. Whether you turn off all the lights at home or customize the camera monitoring, you only need to touch it. With the release of smart home appliances in the Xiaomi ecological chain, users can also add more smart scenarios, such as wake-up mode. Jing Chen gets up, touches Mi Touch Sticker 2 to open the curtains, turn on the lights, and broadcast news through Xiaoai speakers.

Xiaoai speakers have become the first choice for many people to buy home smart speakers. This time, Xiaomi Pinpinpost 2 talks about writing the relevant information of Xiaoai speakers into Pinpinpost. As long as you touch it with your phone, you can transfer the music on your phone to the small Love the speakers to continue playing. With the same logical setting, you can also cast the video, files, pictures, and games that are playing on the phone to the Mi TV to continue playing. Not only that, write the wireless network information of the Mi router into Mi Pinpin 2, just touch it with your mobile phone, you can directly access the WiFi, eliminating the cumbersome process of asking the guest for the password.

Xiaomi Pinpin Sticker 2 will start crowdfunding at Xiaomi Mall at 21:30 on August 11th. During the crowdfunding period, Xiaomi Pinpin Sticker 2’s 10th Anniversary Edition (including Xiaomi’s 10th Anniversary Sticker) will be priced at 19.9 yuan (USD $3) and free shipping.