News! Lenovo SMB 618 sales break 2.1 billion! Won the top three on!

The battle report is coming! As of 0:00 on June 19, Lenovo’s SMB 618 event had sales of over 2.1 billion throughout the network! An increase of over 95% year-on-year, winning the first place on’s top three computer and digital categories! Fully show the strength of the business PC king!

Since the start of the Lenovo SMB 618 shopping festival, there have been successes! Following the success of the first round of the red start, continued to exert efforts, and finally at 0:00 on June 18th at the same time to win the sales of high-end thin and light brands on’s self-operated list, the first in sales of high-performance thin and light brands, and the No. 1 in notebook store sales on the JD open platform list First, win the top three rankings! Easily lead the way, a great ride! Lenovo ThinkPad’s another slaughter of rankings is beyond the reach of friends and businessmen. Proving a good reputation is based on sales!

During the 618 event, Lenovo SMB launched a lot of popular items, and the huge benefits came and the models were heart-warming, detonating everyone’s enthusiasm for consumption. Whether it is the classic business brand ThinkPad, the cutting-edge business brand ThinkBook, the pragmatic business brand Yangtian, and Thinkplus smart hardware and terminals, a variety of top-notch goods fully cover the differentiated needs of different business users, with practically visible preferential prices and welfare policies, Give back to fans and users!

ThinkPad, as a classic in business office, its high-end flagship series ThinkPad X1 Family continues to occupy the first place in the hot list of high-end lightweight products, becoming the well-deserved “crown jewel” of the high-end lightweight products category.

As the first choice of high-end business people, ThinkPad X1 Family integrates the three genes of people-oriented, technological innovation, and ingenuity quality. In the evolution process of constantly exploring the limit boundary, it achieves a perfect balance of lightness and performance. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon, designed for elite business professionals, uses carbon fiber material to achieve a further improvement in performance in a thin and light body, setting a new benchmark for high-end thin and light notebooks. ThinkPad X1 Titanium uses the unique attributes of “titanium metal” and “carbon fiber” to cleverly fit the 0.3 mm titanium plate and 0.7 mm carbon fiber, breaking people’s inherent cognition of tablets and PCs. The lightest and thinnest ThinkPad X1 Nano in history weighs only 907g, and its feather-light body takes extreme performance and cutting-edge functions to a new level, making it the first choice for business mobile office.

The ThinkPad P series and ThinkBook 14p and 16p, designed for users pursuing high-performance, thin and light notebooks, have a thin and light body with extraordinary performance. ThinkPad P series, as the powerful performance of the ThinkPad family, provides professionals with the latest NVIDIA ISV-certified professional graphics cards, 11th generation Intel Core and Xeon CPUs to choose from, becoming designers and video workers. “Fairy Companion”. In the same period as the 618 hot sale, Lenovo SMB’s “New Future, Book Definition” ThinkBook Family New Product Launch Conference held on June 1st brought users the ThinkBook 14p/16p, which represented the ultimate performance, among which ThinkBook 14p was based on AMD Ryzen The standard pressure processor is matched with a 1.4kg thin and light body, and its comprehensive qualities can crush similar thin and light notebooks. ThinkBook 16p is blessed with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card, and with the release of 105w performance, it successfully interprets the “suit mob” style.

During the period of Lenovo SMB 618, the reason why Lenovo successfully grabbed attention and aggregated traffic in the melee of many brands was also due to the strong platform with the help of IP stars. The appearance of Wang Yuan at the “New Future, Book Definition” ThinkBook Family New Product Launch, and the “Lenovo Smart Business·Smart Products and Solutions Conference”, the presence of the newly announced Lenovo Smart Business Ambassador Zhang Hanyu, all focused on everyone Lots of attention. During the 618 event, there will be popular anchors such as Wei Ya, Fu Seoul, Da Wang, who are able to help super live broadcast, and together with Lenovo SMB, create a variety of “surprise” shopping feasts for users.

Friends who missed the 618 buying boom don’t have to worry, Lenovo SMB will continue to bring the best products and services to users, as well as the most affordable rights and benefits! Stay tuned to Lenovo ThinkPad official website!