"News Network" Interview with Lei Jun: Ecological and hard technology advance together, insist on being a technology-driven company

In the corporate interview section of "News Network" today, I spent nearly 3 minutes interviewing Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun to explore how Xiaomi achieved contrarian growth and ranked globally in the context of poor global economic conditions this year The fourth mobile phone brand.

The first thing that appeared was Xiaomi's newly built smart factory at the end of last year. It can not only realize the entire process of smartphone assembly to packaging without manual intervention, but also can operate 24 hours a day.

92% of the production equipment of the entire factory comes from Xiaomi and its investment companies, which fully demonstrates Xiaomi's foresight in intelligent manufacturing and independent innovation.

In addition, Xiaomi has also been vigorously supporting the domestic supply chain in recent years. For example, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition released some time ago not only realized the localization of some key components, but also the first mass-produced flagship model of Xiaomi's smart factory.

The program then introduced Xiaomi's ecological chain and the layout of the laboratory, in which Xiaomi has continued to invest in domestic technological innovation companies in recent years. Through the Xiaomi ecological chain and the Xiaomi sales model that relies on both online and offline channels, the current ecological scale has covered more than 300 companies and has driven the transformation of more than 100 companies.

With its continuous efforts in production, patents, and ecological chain, Xiaomi’s shipments soared this year, reaching the top four in the world. In addition, Xiaomi's performance in the global market has gradually improved. For the first time, its overseas revenue has reached 50%, and its European market share has entered the top three for the first time.

Finally, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi will not only stick to its position as a technology company, but will also continue to increase its investment, which will exceed RMB 10 billion this year.