Ninghua County's first Douyin Short Video Competition is officially launched!

Since Ninghua County was rated as a national comprehensive demonstration county for e-commerce in rural areas in 2017, the County Bureau of Commerce has actively carried out e-commerce training and promoted the employment of e-commerce personnel with remarkable results. In order to better promote the upward trend of agricultural products, tap, cultivate and incubate a group of local short video talents in Ninghua, on November 12, 2020, Ninghua County, hosted by the Bureau of Commerce of Ninghua County and undertaken by Fujian Civic E-Commerce Co., Ltd. The first Ninghua Douyin short video competition kick-off meeting was held in the Ninghua E-commerce Industrial Park. The relevant persons in charge of the e-commerce stocks of the Ninghua County Bureau of Commerce, as well as golden glutinous barley, helong tribute rice, wet fried peanuts, and Shexiang selenium customers Representatives of local agricultural products companies attended the kick-off meeting and jointly kicked off the Ninghua Douyin Short Video Competition.

This Douyin Short Video Contest is for the whole society to collect creative short videos with the theme of "The Hakka Ancestral Land·Picturesque Ninghua", shooting beautiful Ninghua in everyone’s eyes. The content creation direction includes but not limited to Ninghua’s red Culture, Hakka culture, intangible cultural heritage, local customs, special agricultural products, etc. The purpose of the competition is to use creative short videos to explore and showcase the charm of the contestants from different perspectives, to publicize and promote the "Hakka Ancestral Land" public brand, and to shape the brand image of the "Hakka Ancestral Land".

The collection time for the contest is from November 12 to 22, and the short video duration is not shorter than 15 seconds. After the event ends, for short videos that meet the theme, the expert jury will conduct a comprehensive review based on the number of video forwarding likes, creative performance, content quality, etc., and select 1 first prize, 1 second prize, and third prize 2 winners, 5 outstanding awards, 50 encouragement awards, and corresponding rewards.

At the same time, in order to enhance the short video practical operation and creation capabilities of the local participating companies and individuals in Ninghua County, the launch meeting also invited the domestic senior short video marketer Zhu Jiajia to attend a meeting for the participants and business representatives Professional "short video practical training course". The course includes three aspects: high-quality live account creation skills, short video editing skills, and short video playback volume improvement methods. Teaching through learning, learning through practice, and "class homework" on site, allowing participants to practice on-site and theoretical learning Combining with practice can we better master the practical ability of short video.

It is reported that during the Douyin Short Video Contest, Mr. Zhu Jiajia will also provide consultation and guidance services to contestants as a tutor throughout the entire process, helping contestants to produce better short video works.