NiO delivered 3533 units in July and expected to exceed 50000 units in August

On August 3, NiO announced the delivery data of July 2020: 3533 units, a year-on-year increase of 322.1%, more than 4 times of the same period last year, and the second highest monthly delivery performance in history after June this year.

Nioes8 delivered 923 units this month, up 462.8% year-on-year. Since the delivery was started in June 2018, a total of 23861 units have been delivered. Nioes6 delivered 2610 units this month, up 287.8% year-on-year and 5.4% month on month. Since the delivery was started in June 2019, a total of 25754 units have been delivered. NiO has delivered 49615 units in total, and finished the 50000 vehicle mass production line on July 18.


Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of NiO, said in the delivery announcement: “the number of new orders in July reached a record high, and the market demand for es8, ES6 and ec6 is strong. Thank you again for your support to NiO as always. We will complete the capacity increase in the third quarter to achieve higher delivery results. ”

Although July is the traditional off-season of the domestic car market, NiO still achieves very good delivery results. On July 24, the NiO intelligent electric car run suvec6 was officially launched in Chengdu auto show. The price before subsidy was 368000-526000 yuan (USD $52571) . The first batch of vehicles will be delivered in late September. With the continuous increase in the delivery volume and the user growth after the new vehicle is launched, NiO previously gave a gross profit of more than 5% in the second quarter of 2020 in the first quarter financial report, and the expected double-digit gross profit at the end of the year will also be realized. In addition, NiO also announced that the baas project of battery rental service will be officially launched at Chengdu auto show. It is expected that this business model innovation based on the separation of vehicle and electricity will become a new business growth point of NiO. With the continuous growth of market demand, NiO will continue to improve the production capacity. It is expected that the production capacity of Hefei advanced manufacturing base will be increased to 4500-5000 units per month by the end of September, making sufficient preparation for the continuous increase of subsequent delivery volume.

It is reported that as of today, NiO has opened 136 stores nationwide, including 22 NiO centers and 114 NiO spaces. Its sales network has covered 87 cities in China. At the same time, NiO has continued to lay out replacement power stations, with 141 completed, covering 64 cities.