NIOFOTA system won the 2021 DEVIES Best Technology Innovation Award

According to the news on February 21, the 9th Annual DEVIES Awards Ceremony of DeveloperWeek 2021 Conference was held in the United States recently. The NIOFOTA system stood out from hundreds of nominations and won the 2021 DEVIES Automotive “Best Technology Innovation Award”. Previously, Tesla, Google, etc. have also won this award.

DeveloperWeek is the world’s most influential technological innovation and engineering design event, and has a significant influence in the field of industry technology development and intelligent solutions. The 2021 DEVIES Award is selected and awarded by the Organizing Committee of the DeveloperWeek Conference from more than 8,000 products exhibited. It aims to recognize companies and products that have made outstanding contributions in more than 30 categories such as R&D, platform, product and technology.

NIO is the world’s first car brand that has achieved large-scale FOTA through completely independent research and development. Relying on a software-driven R&D system with user experience as the core, NIO has innovated its self-built software development and delivery system to achieve a complete closed loop from R&D to user. Proceeding from user experience requirements, the product functions are quickly upgraded and iterated safely and stably.

Unlike most SOTAs on the market that only support upgrading the UI interface, navigation map, and audio-visual entertainment system, NIO relies on the core domain controller independently developed to upgrade the firmware of 35 electronic control units (ECU) in the vehicle.

NIO’s deeply integrated software and hardware R&D capabilities allow NIO to update the five functional domains including power domain, chassis domain, assisted driving domain, infotainment domain, and body domain through FOTA.

Up to now, since its launch in 2018, NIOFOTA has achieved 47 iterations, covering all 4 mass-produced models of the brand, adding 150 new functions, optimizing 304 functions, and pushing more than 500,000 vehicle trips.