No crease Motorola's new 5G folding screen will be available tomorrow

On December 14th, Motorola announced that the Motorola Blade 5G folding screen day selection gold color scheme will be available tomorrow, and the price has not yet been announced.

Previously, Motorola Blade 5G folding screen provided Fengya black color, the starting price is 12499 yuan (USD $1786) , Tianxuan gold color matching may be consistent with the price of Fengya black color.

As Motorola’s first 5G folding screen mobile phone, one of its biggest features is its non-crease.


At present, the crease has become a “scar” for most folding screen mobile phones, and Motorola Blade 5G folding screen brings the industry’s exclusive star orbit hinge technology with more than 100 innovative patents, which solves the problem that the crease cannot be eliminated when the screen is completely folded. The problem that the corners are too large to be folded and cannot be leveled.

According to the official introduction, the Motorola Blade 5G folding screen phone not only allows the screen to be completely folded in half with zero gaps without creases; on the other hand, the elastic metal plates on both sides tighten the display to keep the screen flat.

In terms of specifications, the Motorola Blade 5G folding screen uses a 6.2-inch OLED display (with a secondary screen size of 2.7 inches), equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, 20 million pixels in the front, 48 million pixels in the rear, and a battery of 2800mAh.

As for the service life issue that everyone is concerned about, Motorola said that the machine can withstand the bending life of 200,000 times, even if the mobile phone is used heavily, users can still guarantee normal operation for more than 5 years.