No longer let you envy other people’s cars, Huawei’s in-vehicle smart screen makes you yell “It’s really sweet”

The topic I brought to you today may be a little overwhelming. Why do you say that? Before that, I would like to ask a question. Do you envy the large screens and smart car-machine systems of Tesla and other new energy vehicles, but you are not willing to sell your own car or have old car feelings, but you can’t do it every day Can't bear to use mobile phone navigation and FM entertainment.

If you are, then the good news is coming. On October 30, Huawei's annual flagship product Mate 40 series was released. A product that appeared on the same stage can definitely attract the attention of many car owners-Huawei's in-car smart screen.

Huawei's in-vehicle smart screen is the first in-vehicle device equipped with distributed technology, and it is also the first after-installation in-vehicle product supported by HUAWEI HiCar. Huawei mobile phone users can seamlessly project the applications in the mobile phone on the car smart screen, so what are the secrets of the car smart screen, then look down.

No longer envy Tesla's 8.9-inch large touch screen

Many car owners and friends envy Tesla owners with large screens and high-definition displays. Huawei's car smart screen brings an 8.9-inch IPS fit screen. The 16:9 wide screen is equivalent to placing the phone horizontally, compatible with more apps, 1920×720 The resolution has surpassed many luxury car onboard screens, with a PPI of 230, which is much higher than Tesla's 131.

In many cases, direct sunlight on the screen will cause the screen to be unclear and reflective. The maximum brightness of Huawei's on-board smart screen is as high as 700nit, and it can be seen clearly under high-intensity sunlight.

In the installation, Huawei's car smart screen adopts a four-leaf clover base, which can adapt to the center console of more cars. At the same time, the bottom is glued with 3M glue, which will not cause Huawei's car smart screen to fall even if the car bumps.

Rich functions far beyond the original car

Many car after-installation devices are not widely used. One is that the wiring harness is messed up, or it is informal modification, and many devices use low-level Bluetooth protocols to cause music playback delays.

The connection and use of Huawei's car smart screen are very simple. You only need to pair with the car's Bluetooth once for the first time. There is no worries about it. It will automatically connect with the mobile phone whenever the car is turned on.

Through the HUAWEI HiCar "audio-visual separation" technology, Huawei's in-vehicle smart screen can realize WIFI wireless data transmission and Bluetooth transmission of audio data, while the sound output is completely through the original car audio.

Thanks to Huawei’s distributed technology, Huawei’s mobile phone applications can perfectly flow to the car’s smart screen and automatically adapt to the car’s UI mode. Compared with Apple’s CarPlay, Huawei’s car smart screen supports more apps, whether it’s navigation , Music, video, and entertainment.

Only the navigation function of Huawei's on-board smart screen is powerful. Many times when we are driving in a tunnel, the GPS signal of the mobile phone will be lost, and car navigation is not to mention. Given the LBS technology, the on-board smart screen can achieve GPS signal selection and achieve high Accuracy positioning is more accurate than mobile phone navigation.

Finally, in terms of content resources, the on-board smart screen is as rich as the smart screen in our living room, and it supports Kugou, Huawei Music, Himalaya FM, Phoenix FM, etc. in music. At present, Huawei's car smart screen has supported more than 30 APPs, covering entertainment, functions, education, etc., if there are children in the car, it can be used as an artifact!

In terms of driving safety, the driving recorder of Huawei's car smart screen is more powerful. I believe everyone has seen the super powerful night shooting ability of Huawei Mate 40 series. As a driving recorder, it is still excellent, a large aperture with a maximum aperture of f1.8 And the ultra-wide angle of 130° can capture more lanes and avoid blind spots of vision.

At the same time, it is more powerful than you think. Many car owners use a memory card with a small capacity. It is easy to record when it is full. Huawei car recorder divides the material into "emergency situations" when recording. "And "driving video", and stored separately to ensure that effective materials can be provided in emergencies.

When Huawei's in-vehicle smart screen detects a vehicle collision, it will automatically take the current photo and record the video content before and after the time period. We can view the "emergency" material in the Huawei Smart Life APP on the mobile phone.

Smart operation gesture + voice driving is safer

BMW gesture control

As a new BMW owner, there is a feature that is still very much anticipated for digital editing of technology, that is, it is equipped with gesture control technology, which can adjust the volume in the air wreath, but after using it, the ideal is full and the display is cruel. In many cases, the car machine cannot be recognized or the recognition is inaccurate. The gesture control on Huawei mobile phones has been implemented for a long time. This time it is applied to the car, and it is even more familiar.

Huawei's in-vehicle smart screen has two types of voice control and gesture control. We can perform related operations through gesture operations.

"Xiaoyi, Xiaoyi" is believed to be familiar to everyone. Huawei's car smart screen is still equipped. How we use mobile phones and smart screens, we use the car smart screen. Through "Xiaoyi Xiaoyi", we can almost completely do not need to operate all the functions of Huawei's smart screen, such as taking pictures inside and outside the car, playing music, navigation, mute, etc. through the on-board smart screen.

Since it is called Smart Screen, how can there be no camera? The camera equipped with Huawei's first smart screen product makes people shine. This time, Huawei's car smart screen is not absent.

With this camera, we can take a group photo in the car. Through our Huawei account, we can also make a smooth connection call and Welink account video conference. In the future, we will not have to watch the phone and drive while driving, which is greatly avoided. In order to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents, and through the DMS system + mobile phone AI computing power, the status of the driver can be monitored in real time to avoid fatigue driving.

In addition, the camera is turned on by physical pressing, paying more attention to privacy.

In fact, Huawei has already begun to deploy the automobile industry very early. Of course, it is not to build cars, but to help automobile manufacturers provide users with a better experience, and make cars more intelligent through HUAWEI HiCar.

This time Huawei appears in the car market with hardware products, allowing more car owners to enjoy the fun of technology. American technology giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Uber have already sharpened their swords and rushed into this century's competition. The Chinese technology giants at the center of change have no reason not to participate.

Huawei's various capabilities, including 5G communications, network architecture, cloud computing, software research and development, and hardware design, will bring vitality to the automotive aftermarket.