No more worries about cleaning in the new year, these two artifacts will help you easily get it

The Spring Festival of 2021 is coming soon, and every time at this time, many families will plan to have a general cleaning, of which sweeping and mopping and dust removal are definitely the most essential. However, it is tiring to cover all the ground and corners of the home and clean it up completely, especially for larger families.

Until recently, the author got started with the T7 series of robot sweeping robots and the handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 under the banner of Rock, and discovered that it turns out that cleaning at home does not necessarily require doing everything by hand. Many tasks are left to the machine, which saves time and energy, and even does it. better. Let me share with you the experience of using these two products.

Roborock T7

The Roborock T7 uses a common white body with sweeping and mopping functions. In addition to the host, it also ships with charging piles, power cords, water tanks, filters, moisture-proof pads, and some mops and mop supports.

There are three buttons on the top of the T7, from left to right are the recharge button, the sweep/power button, and the partial sweep button. Press the cleaning button daily, and the Roborock T7 will clean the entire floor of the house; if only a local area is dirty, you can select the local cleaning function. The Roborock T7 will clean an area of 1.5 meters × 1.5 meters centered on the equipment.

When the Roborock T7 has finished cleaning, it will automatically return to the charging base for charging, and there is no need to manually press the recharge button. When the device is paused, press the recharge button to return to the charging base.

In terms of cleaning effect, Roborock T7 uses a brand-new brushless fan, which can provide a suction power of up to 2500Pa, regardless of floor seams or carpet dust, paper scraps and other small garbage.

On smooth floors, such as wooden floors and tiled floors, you can use the wet mopping mode. The constant voltage controlled water tank of the Roborock T7 has a large capacity of 297ml, small water volume can mop the floor 250 square meters, and the medium water volume can mop 200 square meters. , Almost the whole process does not need to change the water. At the same time, its water volume control is very accurate, and it is suitable for mopping the floor moderately. We can also install the included moisture-proof pad next to the charging pile to protect the wooden floor.

Roborock T7 is equipped with the new RR Mason™ 7.0 Roborock system algorithm, which optimizes the zigzag algorithm, reduces repetition and improves efficiency. At the same time, the surround algorithm is improved, and the route is smarter in a multi-table and chair-leg environment. In addition, when crossing rooms and recharging, the RRMason™7.0 system will load more obstacle information and choose the optimal path wisely.

There are many ways to start the Roborock sweeping robot T7. You can use Xiaoai, Xiaodu speakers, Tmall Genie, and Siri shortcuts for voice activation. At the same time, you can use the Mijia APP or Roborock’s own Roborock App to remotely start the sweeping. Even if you are not at home, you can make the sweeper work. We can also set different cleaning intensity, cleaning sequence and cleaning restricted areas for each different area of the home.

For duplex families, the new map management 4.0 of the Stone T7 series adds automatic recognition of multi-floor maps, which can memorize and edit 4 maps separately. When changing floors to clean, the robot can automatically identify the floor at which it is located, load the corresponding map and start working. At the same time, the 5200mAh battery guarantees a long battery life that can clean 250 square meters at a time.

Rock handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6

The sweeping machine helped us complete the floor cleaning. When we need to clean the table and dust the windows, the stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 can come in handy.

As a hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner, it is essential to have high suction power, sufficient battery life, and long-term suction power. In this regard, Stone Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 uses a custom-made fan with a rated power of 420W, which can provide a large suction power of 150AW.

Compared with a single filter system, the stone handheld cordless vacuum cleaner H6 uses a large suction plus a cyclone separation suction system. The cyclone separation design can separate garbage more effectively, avoiding the blocking of the filter screen after long-term use of the filter system and affecting the suction.

Stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 also has many practical designs, such as a visual OLED smart small screen, which allows users to intuitively grasp the working status of the vacuum cleaner, including the current cleaning gear, battery status and battery life.

It also comes with five cleaning accessories, including gap cleaning nozzles, brush nozzles, mattress mite removal nozzles, full-effect adaptive brushing nozzles, long rods and extension hoses, which can meet the requirements of the floor and mattress , Bookshelves, cabinets, car interiors and many other cleaning needs.

Individuals especially use this gap to clean the tip. It can penetrate many gaps that other tips cannot penetrate, such as wall cracks, sofa corners, etc., to achieve more in-depth cleaning and care.

We know that the penetration of powder into carpets and other fabrics is a very difficult situation to manage, which is a big challenge for cordless vacuum cleaners. However, in actual combat, we can see that as the stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 was swept, the overturned talcum powder was treated cleanly, leaving almost no trace.

After a few days of experience, whether the Roborock T7 or Roborock handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H6 can help us solve the problem of home cleaning, improve cleaning efficiency, and let us free up more time to spend a happy Spring Festival.

At present, the Roborock T7 and Roborock Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H6 have a limited time discount of 500 yuan (USD $71) during the Jingdong New Year Festival, and the price is 2399 yuan (USD $343) respectively. They can also enjoy instalment interest-free and gifts and other benefits. Don’t miss it.