No one pays attention to Google Pixel 5 Pro? Equipped with Snapdragon 865, full screen design

Last September, Google brought a new generation of flagship Pixel 5, which uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip and supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz. However, when Pixel 5 was released, it did not bring a big cup version, which made many people regret. Recently, the big cup version of Pixel 5 has been exposed online.

According to the pictures exposed on the Internet, the big cup version of Pixel 5 is not named after “XL”, but instead uses “Pro” as the product name. In terms of appearance, Pixel 5 Pro uses a very complete full screen with a screen size of 6.67 inches. There are no obvious openings or front cameras on the front. It is speculated that it may be equipped with a lifting mechanism or it will bring more technology. Sensitive under-screen camera technology, the display effect will be much better than Pixel 5.

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In terms of configuration, Pixel 5 Pro will be equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, equipped with a memory combination of 8GB+256GB. Compared with Pixel 5’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip, the performance will also be greatly improved. As for the high refresh rate, Pixel 5 supports 90Hz high refresh, and it is expected that Pixel 5 Pro should also be able to use it.

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As for the price, referring to the almost 5K price of Pixel 5, it is speculated that Pixel 5 Pro will not be too low. It is expected that this phone will debut soon, and interested students can pay more attention.