Nokia 9.3 PureView mobile phone exposure: veritable "flagship of the year"

Nokia has been particularly low-key since last year. Except for the distinctive Nokia 9 PureView flagship mobile phone launched last year, more than half a year has passed this year. However, Nokia has not yet launched any flagship products. I believe many users are buying mobile phones. I can’t remember Nokia, which was once in full swing. However, after a long wait, HMD finally brought some news about the new flagship Nokia 9.3 PureView.

According to the latest report released by Nokia Power User, the development of the new Nokia 9 PureView flagship new phone has been completed, and it is expected that the official release is not far away. The report also pointed out that Nokia 9.3 PureView has entered the testing phase and mass production is expected to start in September or October. If the plan goes well, HMD may release Nokia 9.3 PureView in Q4 2020. Not surprisingly, this will also be Nokia’s The only flagship model in 2020 is truly the “Flagship of the Year”.

In other respects, although there has been little news about this Nokia 9.3 PureView before, according to the news that has been more or less exposed by foreign media, the overall appearance of the Nokia 9 PureView will continue, and the whole machine is still relatively square. , The R angle is small, and the screen has no obvious openings. If no accident, the machine will use a pop-up front camera module. On the back of the fuselage, although the machine will also adopt a circular camera appearance, the arrangement of the cameras is completely different. There is a larger lens on each side of the three vertical cameras. If no accident, the camera The lens will still pass Zeiss certification, the specific parameters are not known at present, but the imaging effect is worth looking forward to.

It is reported that the aircraft will launch this annual flagship before the end of the year, and we will wait and see for more detailed information.