Nokia C3 evaluation: Xpress key + health test elderly machine finally ushered in the era of super large screen

Looking at the world, the top-tier mobile phone manufacturers generally do not choose to fight personally in the elderly phone market. This also causes the elderly phone to adopt the same small screen + large button design almost more than a decade ago. The elderly phone with a large screen is even rarer. number.

On August 4, Nokia released a mobile phone called Nokia C3, which is tailor-made for the elderly. What is different about this phone? What are the characteristics? Is it worth giving to parents one? Bring these questions to experience together.

Exterior design

When I first saw the Nokia C3, I summarized its appearance in one sentence-it almost reproduces the design of a thousand-yuan mobile phone four or five years ago, with the chin and forehead occupying part of the area.

The Nokia C3 is equipped with a non-full screen with a forehead and a chin. The handset and front lens are designed on the top. Below is the Nokia brand logo. The screen size is 5.99 inches and the resolution is HD+. The screen display is clear and delicate.

The design elements on the back are also relatively simple, along the central axis are a single camera + flash module, a circular fingerprint recognition button and a “NOKIA” logo, which are simply and neat.

Compared with the metal or glass body, the plastic body is both wear-resistant and drop-resistant, and the mature technology can also make the plastic glow with a light and luxurious feeling of metal. Now that everything is ready, the Nokia C3 does the same.

Although the Nokia C3 shell is made of plastic, the blue body has been sandblasted to imitate the metal shell. The matte texture makes the Nokia C3, which is positioned as an elderly user group, not to be selected.

What’s interesting is that the Nokia C3 battery is designed as a removable solution. After grabbing a few 00 on the street, I don’t know what it is. Perhaps Nokia wants to use it in 2020 to awaken more memories and feelings of the elderly for the past.

How to get the battery? Just remove the plastic back shell. The charging interface uses a Micro USB charging socket. The elderly may need to determine the positive and negative when charging daily, and then plug in the charging cable.

Xpress button

Since positioning the mobile phone for the elderly, the Nokia C3 is bound to come up with special thoughtful functions-such as “Xpress button”. The “Xpress button” is the light blue button on the left side of the fuselage, which is very eye-catching, and it will be quite easy for the elderly to use it daily.

It is not difficult to guess that the “Xpress button” is a button with customizable functions. Long press and two consecutive presses can quickly start a pre-set APP or a certain function.

Elderly people need a flashlight in dark, set in advance and long press to wake up the flash, take out the phone and immediately turn the phone into a flashlight in one second;

Another example is when you need to go to a supermarket in the morning to buy food, press the Xpress button twice in a row when making a payment, open the WeChat payment code, and pay immediately, without manually opening the APP.

The delay rate of these two shortcut functions is extremely low. Even when the screen is off, the measured function is activated in seconds, which is very fast and convenient.

In addition to the Xpress button, the Nokia C3 also supports a basic health check function, which uses a mobile phone flash and camera to perform health checks on the body.

It is reported that the rapid physical examination can detect heart rate, blood viscosity, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation. After the function is activated, the elderly only need to cover the camera and flash area with their fingers.

In a stable state as much as possible, adjust the position and distance of the Nokia C3, and wait for the phone to check your physical condition. After the detection is completed, the system will quickly push the report, and immediately browse the result data of the five indicators.

Perhaps its accuracy cannot match the professional equipment, and it also allows the elderly to know their health status through it at any time, and go to the hospital to check the risks in time when they find that the data is wrong.

Nokia C3 also has a detailed function that has to be said. Press the power button for 5 times and the system will enter the emergency call interface. If you encounter sudden physical discomfort, the elderly can quickly take this operation to save yourself.

System functions

Nokia C3 runs Android 10 system, but compared to the old and new systems, the elderly care more about the font size. Nokia C3 takes advantage of the large screen. Design system icons, fonts, and pages to be more Max than Max.

You will find that after starting the phone, the system defaults to large fonts, which is like a fake old phone. Slide down the quick function bar, default basic functions such as network connection, Bluetooth, flashlight, power saving mode, and screenshots.

The convenience of the Nokia C3 is also reflected in its system’s support for face entry/recognition and unlocking functions, which is also the icing on the cake on the rear fingerprint unlocking function. Face recognition and unlocking are obviously faster and more convenient for the elderly than physical fingerprint recognition.

Nokia C3’s pre-installed applications have added a lot of apps suitable for the elderly, such as Yuedong circle and speed consultation. These two apps provide professional technical support for daily exercise data and quick consultation.

to sum up:

As an elderly phone, the biggest feature of Nokia C3 should be the physical free button on the left. It can flexibly wake up any shortcut function, which is convenient for the elderly to use in daily scenes. Coupled with the rapid detection of physical status, it can keep the elderly Knowing the physical condition, press the power button five times to enter the emergency call interface, in case of emergency.

In addition, the Nokia C3 is equipped with a combination of 8 million pixels on the rear + 5 million pixels on the front and a built-in 3040mAh battery (supporting 5V/1A charging), which can fully meet the basic needs of the elderly for daily shooting and mobile phone battery life. From this point of view, the Nokia C3, which is priced at 699 yuan (USD $100) , is not high at all, and it is worth recharging for dear parents.