Nokia C3 exposure is not only a mobile phone, but also a health monitor

As a legend of the mobile phone industry, Nokia has gradually been far away from our life, but there are still many excellent product releases. Recently, Nokia has quietly launched a brand-new mobile phone C3. As an old c5-00 user, I am filled with emotion when I hear this model.

The Nokia C3 is designed for the elderly. It is equipped with a 5.99 inch IPS screen. The color of the IPS screen is soft and does not hurt the eyes. It does not change color from any angle. The resolution of the screen is 1440 × 720, which is not a special-shaped screen. Although there is forehead and chin, it looks very natural and harmonious. There is also a “Nokia” logo on the chin.

In terms of core configuration, Nokia C3 is equipped with purple light zhanrui sc9832e processor, supplemented by 3gb of running memory and 32GB of body storage, and supports post fingerprint unlocking and facial unlocking. The mobile phone also supports dual card dual standby + microSD expansion, and supports 4G of the whole network. When replacing the SIM card, the back cover needs to be removed. On the system side, Android 10 is native, with less ads and faster running speed.

The biggest highlight of Nokia C3 is the perfect health and safety monitoring function. It has built-in quick consultation function, which can be used for online consultation, video medical treatment, online prescription and delivery of medicine. It comes with a heart button, long press can arouse the body detection function, real-time provide blood pressure, heartbeat, oxygen saturation report. In addition, in the shutdown state, pressing the shutdown key five times can directly make an emergency call to ensure the personal and property safety of users.

In terms of price, Nokia C3 has opened an appointment and will officially open for sale on August 13 at a price of 699 yuan (USD $100) . Now participating in the booking can be worth 30 yuan for 1 yuan, and the on hand price is only 670 yuan (USD $96) .