Nokia C3 releases removable battery design entry level configuration

Imabile mobile phone home, August 4 News & nbsp; This morning, Nokia officially released the new Nokia C3. The total duration of the live conference was less than 20 minutes. On the one hand, the manufacturer’s own style was clean and neat, and on the other hand, the Nokia C3 itself was positioned as an entry-level model, with a price of only 699 yuan (USD $100) . At present, when you book on the major e-commerce platforms, you can get a reservation of 1 yuan to offset the purchase of 30 yuan. The actual minimum price is 669 yuan (USD $96) .

Nokia C3 has two colors of Nordic blue and sand gold. The shell is made of polycarbonate. The rear element is the axis symmetry design adopted by Nokia recently. At the top is 800W pixel single set + LED flash. In the middle is the rear fingerprint identification button, and below is the Nokia letter logo.

The front of the new machine is equipped with a 5.99-inch HD resolution screen, with a wide forehead and chin. The screen does not have the current mainstream R-angle design, but it is not unreasonable to put it at this price. In terms of configuration, the official data shows that it is equipped with a “1.6GHz high-performance eight core processor”, but the specific model is not clear, and the main frequency is not too high. It is reported that it may be equipped with a purple light zhanrui processor. It has a built-in 3040mah battery. The detachable design is very rare at present. The endurance performance should be good. The charging interface is the old generation micro USB specification.