Nokia's feature phone is better than the new smart phone

This morning, Nokia held a new product launch conference and released four mobile phones, namely 5G Nokia 8.3, 4G Nokia 5.3 and 1.3, and a 2G replica Nokia 5310 Xpress Music. Yes, the 2G mentioned here is not 2GB of memory, but this phone can only support 2G networks. In 2020, the only brand that launched 2G mobile phones is Nokia.

But you can't deny that this remake of Nokia 5310 Xpress Music is better than the other 3 phones. Do not believe? You see the official promotional video.

The classic red and white color match with red and black color can't really be ugly. The important thing is that the three major play buttons of the soul music of the Xpress Music series have also been reserved and placed on the side frame.

▼ Left: Old Nokia 5310 Right: New Nokia 5310

As a music phone, the Nokia 5310 has a stereo dual speaker design on the front. It's not clear whether it's symmetrical, but its sound quality is definitely better than most smart phones now. The system has built-in MP3 and wireless FM radio functions, in conjunction with the adjustment buttons on the side of the fuselage, and its own 3.5mm headphone jack. The music experience of the remastered version of the 5310 is certainly not worse than the current smartphone.

This Nokia 5310 is currently on the Chinese official website, and I believe it will be available for sale soon. The price in Europe is 39 euros, equivalent to RMB 296 yuan (USD $42) . The price of the Chinese Mainland License should be cheaper.

So the question is, who will buy a 2G-only phone in the 5G era of 2020? This does not understand Nokia's mind. You said that if 4G is supported, there may still be people who buy it as a 4G hotspot machine. After all, the standby time of this machine can reach 22 days.

Of course, there are more than that. Since Nokia's mobile phone business was acquired by HMD, it was a bit of a renewed start. However, not only has it gradually disappeared in the Chinese market, but the only flagship machine from 2016 to now is the Nokia 9 PureView released in 2019, equipped with the Snapdragon 845 processor, and it is not difficult to see how dim Nokia's mobile phone business prospects are.

Almost all mobile phone manufacturers' first 5G phones are flagships. Even if they do not use flagship processors, they will create flagships in terms of design or imaging. However, in Nokia 8.3, you can't see what a flagship phone should look like, except for the starting price of 599 euros (equivalent to RMB 4,600).

The front is a 6.8-inch digging screen. The official did not say whether it is LCD or OLED, but in order to put down its own logo on the front, the black border below the screen has returned to the level of 2018. We can see a physical fingerprint module on the side of the fuselage, so we can preliminary guess that this is an LCD screen.

5G is the biggest highlight of this phone. It may sound strange in the Chinese market, but it really is. Nokia officials claim that it can support all 5G networks in operation around the world, so it is powered by a Snapdragon 765G processor with integrated 5G baseband.

It is available in 6GB + 64GB and 8GB + 128GB versions. Although the 6GB + 64GB option will not completely disappear in 2020, mobile phones with the 6GB + 64GB option are definitely not the flagship positioning.

▲ The only flagship Nokia 9 PureView scored 85 points on DxOMark

In fact, Nokia has not given up on the pursuit of imaging, although the actual imaging effect is still far from domestic mobile phone manufacturers. There are four cameras behind the Nokia 8.3 body, which is still the module design of Oreo.

The main camera is 64 million pixels, the ultra wide-angle lens is 12 million pixels, and the unit pixel area can reach 2.8 μm, which means that the ultra wide-angle lens may be IMX708. It looks okay, but Nokia 8.3 is the same as Xiaomi Mi 10. The remaining two are a 2-megapixel macro + depth-of-field camera.

To tell the truth, if this phone is to be launched in the Chinese Mainland License version, the price will not exceed 2499 yuan (USD $357) , and there may be a line of life.

As for the remaining two 4G mobile phones, 5.3 and 1.3, one is Snapdragon 665 and the other is Qualcomm 215. The former is 189 euros and the latter is 95 euros. Let's see what it looks like.

▼ Left: Nokia 5.3 Right: Nokia 1.3

So the question is coming. Can you guess if Nokia will launch a smartphone from the Chinese Mainland License this year?