Nokia's new flagship exposure: Snapdragon 865 blessing, with world-class cameras

Now Nokia is no longer the king of the past. It has been acquired by HMD. Although it is still releasing new phones, it has lost its former dominance. The flagship that HMD released last time was Nokia 9 PureView. After a long wait, HMD’s new flagship has slowly surfaced.

On August 18, according to overseas media Nokia Power User’s report, the development of HMD’s new flagship Nokia 9 PureView has been completed and it is not far from the official launch. In addition, the media also pointed out that Nokia 9 PureView has entered a new testing phase and is expected to start mass production in September or October this year.

At this rate, HMD is very likely to release Nokia 9 PureView in the fourth quarter of this year. Media Nokia Power User revealed that Nokia 9 PureView will be equipped with Qualcomm’s high-end processor-Snapdragon 865 in the first half of the year, and will also use the world’s first-class front + rear lens, but the specific configuration is currently unknown and it is worth looking forward to .

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the flagship model, HMD is also preparing two models for the mid-range market, namely Nokia 6.3 and Nokia 7.3 5G. The former is expected to be equipped with Snapdragon 670 (or Snapdragon 675) and 4G. Cell phone. The latter will be a model that supports 5G.