Nokia's new machine 215 listed for only 289 yuan (USD $41)

News on October 10th. Yesterday, Nokia's official WeChat account announced that the Nokia 220 4G, which was launched at the beginning of this year, became the sales champion at the price of 200-300 yuan (USD $29) . During the period from 5.7 to 9.30 this year, Nokia 220 4G accounted for 55% of sales on and 47% on Tmall.

Nokia officially released the new Nokia 215 4G this morning. It uses a 2.4-inch screen with large fonts to prevent the elderly from seeing it; independent large keyboards to avoid accidental touches; a new generation of low-power processors, with a new point-saving structure algorithm, Achieve long battery life. Support the radio function, at the same time you can listen without plugging in headphones, support the maximum 32G TF card expansion storage, and support dual card dual standby.

If you retain the 3.5mm headphone jack and support Bluetooth, you can use wired headphones and can be used with wireless Bluetooth headphones. At present, reservations have been opened on major e-commerce platforms. 1 yuan equals 20 yuan, and the price is 270 yuan (USD $39) .

The previous Nokia 220 4G uses a 2.4-inch screen, rear-mounted 300,000-pixel camera, weighs 86.5g, and is a functional machine with nine-square-key buttons. The machine also supports strong light flashlight, radio, recording and other functions, and built-in the classic game "Snake", equipped with dual card slots and 1200 mAh capacity battery, the official said that theoretically it can stand by up to 648 hours (about 27 day).