Nordic glacier is zero white! Huawei P40 real machine tushang

On March 26, Huawei officially released a new model of the integration of technology and aesthetics-the annual flagship Huawei P40 series of imaging.

The Huawei P40 series is based on the design concept of “Instant Beauty”, which is inspired by flowing art. It contains tension when it is still, and is full of movement when it is dancing.

Above the glass material, Huawei P40 creates a different texture.

Inside the lightweight and slim square-inch body, the Huawei P40 incorporates a sophisticated ultra-perceptive Leica image three-camera system

The entire Huawei P40 series comes standard with Huawei’s largest 1 / 1.28-inch sensor and a large unit pixel size of 2.44 μm to provide more light input.

Full-pixel 8-core focusing enables fast and precise focusing day and night, and the XD Fusion image engine improves image quality to a whole new level. This is a powerful and extraordinary super-sensing sensor, which comprehensively reconstructs from the photosensitive area to a single pixel. It is a masterpiece of optical design.

The Huawei P40 series uses the Kirin 990 5G SoC flagship chip, which combines the processor and baseband into one, incorporating smaller capabilities into more powerful capabilities. The 5G user experience has also been upgraded to a new level, supporting more full 5G frequency bands and enjoying high-speed 5G networks for global travel.

Huawei P40 series supports 160MHz Wi-Fi 6+. Efficient heat dissipation makes the powerful inner core of the P40 series leaps and bounds. The quadruple hybrid graphene liquid cooling of Huawei P40 Pro + is particularly excellent.

Huawei P40 series will soon be launched in the global market. The Huawei P40 is priced at 799 euros (8GB + 128GB), the Huawei P40 Pro is 999 euros (8GB + 256GB), and the Huawei P40 Pro + is 1399 euros (8GB + 512GB).